Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where's A Hot Flash When You Need One?

This morning I dressed for the lovely fall weather we've been having. Oops! It's nasty and rainy and I've been cold all day. Where’s a hot flash when you need one?

We’ve been home for only 10 of the past 30 days. While traveling we did not have easy access to the internet; it usually meant looking for restaurants with free wi-fi. And when we did get home, our internet was SOOOO SLOW. After using a local company for six months with repeated assurances that the speed would improve, we finally gave up and went back to cable internet yesterday. It’s smokin’ hot!

Friday I took a day OFF and enjoyed working on a craft project. It began with the idea to use photos transferred to fabric. Add some embellishments and you end up with a fabric scrapbook page. These are photos of Ivan's folks, when they were in college and on their wedding day.

Some highlights of the past month:
We spent few days in Ludington. Friends with a cottage on Lake Michigan have been so generous over the years! We did the math and realized we’ve been going there for ten years!
We went to a one woman play at Spring Arbor University; a very powerful play that is a “dialogue about love”. After the playwright’s father was sentenced to 22 years in prison for being a pastor in Communist Romania, the rest of the family was sent to a Russian gulag. Revolving around his mother’s experience, “an Eastern European Juliet set during the times of darkest dictatorship and without a Romeo.” If you get a chance to see it, this is well worth your time!
Spending most of last Sunday with our son and his wife. We really enjoyed the morning service at their church, and then had fun just hanging out. They make a great team in the kitchen and lunch was delicious!