Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Came Early

I have finally entered the 21st century! My family went in together and got me a new iPod for Christmas! I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but my son did show me how to download podcasts. Hopefully I’ll remember his instructions, since they came late at night and I didn’t write them down. I already have enough stuff downloaded to keep me entertained for hours, though!

We got one for my husband on his birthday last January and he LOVES his. When he’s doing what he calls ‘mindless’ jobs (painting, maintenance type stuff, driving) he listens to messages from favorite pastors, music, and even classes. Having grown up in a foreign country, he really enjoyed an American history course he downloaded FOR FREE from a university.

So I’ve been sort of jealous :-) Okay, really jealous. And I’ve mentioned I’d like one, too. Mentioned it just a few times. Okay, I’ve mentioned it a lot. Even so DH still had to ask what I wanted this year. You see, he has to be really listening. And I’m never sure if he’s really listening or not, and that’s why I have to repeat myself. Repeatedly.

I have rather lofty plans for my iPod: furthering my knowledge base, increasing my intellect, growing as a person.

So I can’t wait to download some favorite songs by Percy Sledge, episodes of The Closer, and a good whodunit audiobook. There’s this whole unexplored cyber world of entertainment out there!

But for now I’m set with podcasts from The Splendid Table, Coffee Break and my pastor’s recent sermons (being on the road as missionary appointees means we’re hardly ever at our home church so it’s a treat to be able to keep up with Pastor’s messages online).

So now I just have to get into the mindset of remembering that I have an iPod. I swept all the floors this morning in silence. It wasn’t until I was done that I remembered I could have been listening to one of my podcasts while wielding the broom. This could take some getting used to.

And now it’s time to mop…and learn more about food from the entertaining Lynne Rossetto Kasper.

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