Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our son hooked us up with another hard drive and MAC IS BACK! 

It did require Ivan's delicate touch to install, because in his death throes Mac had apparently thrown a little piece of himself where it didn't belong, blocking a spot where the new hard drive had to go. So Ivan printed instructions from (GREAT site for parts and instructions on Apple repair!) and had Mac up and running in a short time.

Meanwhile our I.T. guy performed intricate brain surgery on the old hard drive and was able to retrieve our address book! How totally cool and wonderful is that?! Thanks Jon!!!!!

In the process we were able to tour our son's new place of employment. He has the coolest office EVER! It's the top two floors in the tower of an old building in downtown South Bend. The views are AMAZING. They have the work stations set up on the next-to-top floor and a relaxing "play" area at the top.

Jon's excited to be working close to home for the first time in over three years AND to be doing more programming. In the business he co-owned with two others, his primary responsibility was to do on-site repair, maintenance and installation, which left little time for programming. It also kept him on the road (throughout northern Indiana and Ohio and southern Michigan) and on call evenings and weekends.

Now he works for Ordered List, which both contracts with other companies (for example, NewToy, recently bought by Zynga, on Words with Friends) and they're working on their own products, and Trying to understand the tech world is even more daunting than trying to learn Spanish so that's the only explanation you'll get from me as to what he does :)

I'm still just trying to figure out how to use the "new" computer. For instance, with old Mac I could click once on the "address line" (not sure what that's called at the top where you navigate from one site to another) and it would highlight the entire thing and I could start typing the next place I wanted to go. With this Mac I have to click three times: first click just places me on the spot, second click highlights one word and third click finally highlights the rest. There are new icons to get used to, I'm trying to set things up that I use a lot, and so on. Might take a while to get to where I'm feeling back "at home" but HOW WONDERFUL TO HAVE A HOME TO COME TO :)  Because all joking aside, there was no way we could afford to replace Mac at this time.

I add a hearty "AMEN" to what a friend said yesterday: "I am grateful that it happened while you were here so that your favorite and most trusted tech can care for you and it."


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Oldfangled said...

Hooray! It's so nice when things can be fixed instead of replaced.

Mari said...

Hooray for new life for Mac!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Yea for a new computer!

Totally jealous....we need a new one so very badly!