Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today is my sweet husband's birthday!

While we were in the U.S. he digitized a bunch of old slides so I'm going to combine some of those with more recent photos for a little pictorial walk through his life :)
Don't you just want to pinch those chubby cheeks?!
What's that kid doing in the photo? He's not part of the show!
It might be Alan's birthday, but Ivan looks pretty happy too. 
I think he's looking forward to getting some of that cake!
He's got that teenage slouch down pat, doesn't he? 
This is a two-fer photo -- thought y'all might like to see the house in Sta. Rosa when it was being built.
Right after he gave me my engagement ring. 
He looks pretty proud of himself, doesn't he?
He should! He MADE my ring!!!
Fast forward 32 years to the family man he is today, 
proudly wearing the Hillsdale sweatshirt the kids gave him.
And I'm wearing the Grace fleece jacket they gave me.
Jon graduated from Hillsdale, Tina from Grace.
We've been through a lot
and anticipate going through plenty more...
From patching holes in walls to who knows what's next?
He's my hero, my best friend, 
and the man I'm so happy to share my life with!

Feliz Cumpleaños!


The Bug said...

Happy birthday Ivan!!

Kay said...

Happy birthday!!!

When do we get to see a picture of the ring he made? : )

sara said...

Happy Birthday Ivan!!! LOVE the pictures!

okay, he really made your ring? Now I must see a picture of it!!! sheesh, this guy can do just about anything!!! :)

rita said...

I didn't know he made your ring!
Stephan made Karen's too.

I am absolutely lovint going through the photos he digitized, as you've probably noticed.

I loved that one of the two brothers wearing Grace sweatshirts!
And, of course, the baby one.
And the others I posted on FB ;)

rita said...

Oh, and the cute little boy at my graduation ;) Glad you included that one.

Kelly L said...

Beautiful tribute to your man..

Love to you both!
I've Become My Mother
Amazing Salvation
Kelly's Ideas

Mari said...

I love4d the pictures, but I need to see one of the ring.
Happy Birthday to Ivan!

skoots1mom said...

precious pics, happy birthday!