Friday, September 23, 2011


Usually weekends are really busy for us, work-wise, as we travel to different churches to share about the ministry in Argentina. So generally I'm gearing up for another trip on Fridays and I'm all about TGIM on Mondays.

But this weekend is different. While we're sharing in a church on Sunday evening, we'll be at our home church that morning and, best of all, our daughter is coming to spend the weekend with us!!! AND we have friends stopping by tonight as they travel from New York back to their home in Wisconsin. Plus (I know, can it get any better?! the answer is Yes!) our county fair starts on Sunday and I am so ready for my first elephant ear in four years!

We're also really, REALLY looking forward to a few days at one of our most favorite places on earth: Epworth Heights in Ludington! This is an unexpected but VERY welcome GIFT. We didn't really think we'd get away to Ludington on this furlough (our schedule is so packed) but our friends who own a cottage there offered it to us at the best possible time and we can actually go! I've mentioned this place before, but now I'll have some fresh photos to share next week :)

I won't bore you with all the details of our busy week. Instead I'll just give you a quick run-down of what's been going on:
~ Ivan caught the flu last weekend and was pretty miserable for a few days, running a fever and coughing like a long-term smoker.
~ As I shared yesterday, I had to visit the dentist this week for a broken tooth.
~ Also visited the optometrist in an effort to find contacts that would work mid-distance. Sadly that's not working so well. Boo hiss to growing older :(
~ Had friends over for dinner one night.
~ Packed ten suitcases.
~ Worked on a little sewing project.
~ Ate at least a dozen Honey Crisp apples.
~ Finally caught up on Words With Friends (hadn't played in about a week).
~ Cleaned off the desk and sorted preparation to actually doing something WITH all that paperwork.
~ Made bread.
~ Ate bread.
~ Made brownies.
~ Ate brownies.
So that's how I spent my week.
And now I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with friends, my daughter, and elephant ears.

So what are your weekend plans?


sara said...

so, in other words...your regular (a DOZEN apples?!)

Enjoy your weekend at home and with Tina! And eat an elephant ear for me please!

Betty said...

Yeaaaahh! I´m so happy for you. Being in your home church for a change must be so good.

You play Words with Friends? I´ll have to challenge you to a game, when you have more time. :)
Have a great weekend!

skoots1mom said...

what a fun time you will be having...enjoy every minute!

Mari said...

I can see you are going to have a great weekend! Being in your home church and spending time with your daughter is wonderful!
I have the weekend off and have my whole family coming over tomorrow night for a birthday party. Then I get to go to church on Sunday!

rita said...

Mike is going to a ceramics workshop all weekend and I will catch up on things here at home base as well as teach Jr. church. No elephant ears for me, but maybe Ivanhoes ;)
Have a great time!

Oldfangled said...

Yay for Honeycrisp apples. (Boo for how expensive they are!)

The Bug said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Sounds like it couldn't help but be great.