Friday, March 16, 2012


That was never more true for me than today! It's been a busy few months and even though conference was a blast, it wasn't exactly relaxing. But this afternoon we're heading to Sta. Rosa for a few days and I am sooooo excited! Because even though we've got a list of "to do" items, we'll also have time to rest.

I posted on my P365 blog this morning and shared how Ivan found a rattan love seat at a local thrift store. We're taking it to Sta. Rosa and pairing it with the rattan chairs already there. I'll be making new cushion covers for all of them this weekend, using some indoor/outdoor fabric that I brought back from the states. [photos of loveseat and fabric on the P365 blog]

Ivan's taking the mower and I'm not sure what tools so he can take care of some maintenance and repairs on the house.

Quite honestly, just being there is relaxing for us. It's so peaceful because it's out in the country and there are very few people around (it's mostly vacation homes in that neighborhood). I'm sure Ivan will periodically head down to the river to cool off. Who knows? I might even join him this time.

One thing I didn't put on the P365 blog was a progress report on the house project. When we left for Uruguay we knew the crew had not been able to hit anything solid in 10 of the 12 spots requiring a post (corners and middle of walls). Thankfully by the time we got back they'd dug down far enough in all ten spots and even started putting posts in three of the holes. They ended up having to dig about 2 meters down. This week the work continues.

Tuesday it rained all day and even though Ivan was out to the lot once, and the head of the crew twice, someone still managed to break into the casita. The thieves used a crow bar on the door and stole a bunch of hand tools the foundation crew stored inside, and some masonry trowels Ivan had left. Thankfully they didn't notice the pump motor wrapped in some paper in the corner. Ivan put a padlock on the door for now, but making the house less easy to break into is a priority. It was something on Ivan's list anyway; it just moved to the top.

While in Uruguay I shared on facebook how my computer quit working. It would not turn on the whole week :( We made plans to take it to the Apple store in Cordoba, but on Monday when I went to clean the keyboard before we left, it turned on! How weird is that? Have no idea why it wouldn't work, and then did, but I'm just glad it seems fine now.

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Mari said...

Glad they are making progress on the house and I love that the computer started up again!
Have a nice, relaxing time at Sta.Rosa. :)