Friday, April 20, 2012


Tonight at midnight a plane will land in Cordoba, and off will step four amazing men who are coming to our aid! These four guys from our home church have paid their own way to come and help us with our house. In particular, putting up the WALLS.

As we anticipate their arrival, we're busy handling those last minute details. Ivan's working on the casita right now, ensuring that there will be a functioning bathroom for the crew to use while working on the house. I just finished making up the last bed, minus pillow cases which are drying on the line. There's a lot of cooking and baking going on too, in an effort to get a head start on the weekend.

To say we're excited -- and grateful! -- would be an understatement.

The floor was poured yesterday, and Ivan spent the night at the casita just to make sure nobody could mar the surface before it had a chance to fully set up. Without a fence on the property, we were concerned it would be too tempting to kids or teens who might want to record their names (or something worse) in the cement. This is a pretty hefty investment for us and we just felt like that was the smart thing to do. Thankfully it was a quiet night, and other than a stray dog or two, Ivan didn't have to chase anyone off.

We are thrilled with what a great job the crew did on the floor! It's sooooo smooth and level.

Monday the man who owns the company making our wall panels assured Ivan they were starting immediately and would have the first batch ready by the end of the week. So we'll have at least some panels for the guys to start with on Monday. I believe they're doing the garage walls first.

Lots going on this week, as you might imagine, and not enough time to write about it all now. But did want to get a quick post up to share the latest news. ANTICIPATION!


The Bug said...

I'm excited for you guys! And jealous that they'll be eating your cooking. But not jealous of the work - I say have at it big strong guys!

Mari said...

WooHoo! What great guys. I'm happy for you and will be waiting to see pictures of the progress.

skoots1mom said...

praying for safe flight and much success over the next week ;)

Betty WSch. said...

So exciting for you guys! I hope you don't forget to take pictures of the process.
Have a good weekend!

Lhoyt said...

From what you say, it sounds like you are progressing very well. Are the walls made of reinforced concrete? Sounds like modular building. I trust the men will give the house a good growth spurt. Have a wonderful and productive time.