Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doesn't seem like Saturday

But quite honestly, ever since we moved to Argentina it's been hard to keep track of what day it is because we've never quite managed to settle into a good routine. You know, the kind where you do wash on Mondays or go to the library on Thursdays. We've learned that no matter what you plan, you can almost count on something happening to upset those well-laid plans.

That's especially true now, in the midst of a construction project. Ivan will get a call and have to go take care of some necessary bit of paperwork, or order and pay for materials that the crew needs to finish the fence, or meet with the woman who is drawing up the plans for the gas line...

But weekends should feel like weekends, right?

Not so much. There's that little matter of needing to move in ONE MONTH.

And Aldo is here to help with the electrical component, which means we need to take advantage of his presence and expertise. So this morning they loaded all the tools and materials they need for the job, and headed to the lot. Charlie will join them today, and continue tiling the bathroom walls.

Meanwhile, back at the ponderosa, I'm hoping for warmer, less windy weather this afternoon so I can start sanding the used kitchen cabinets we bought last month. That's definitely an outside job, but this week it's been cold and windy so I've been waiting for the weather to improve. According to the forecast we're supposed to get up in the high 60s today -- maybe even hit 70 degrees! -- and there's not supposed to be much wind.

And I don't even have to worry about cooking since we've been invited to a friend's house for dinner. It would be lovely if I could get the sanding completely done today, so that this coming week I can tackle the priming and painting.

Have you ever noticed that the news seems to stagnate on weekends, unless something really big happens? I guess even journalists like to take the weekend off. But you'd think they would have some stories ready to plug in, so those who stop by to see what's happening don't see the same stories all weekend long. If I didn't read it on Friday, I'm not going to be any more inclined to read it Saturday or Sunday. Maybe there just aren't enough of us who tune in on the weekends to make it worth their while.

I'm a bit of a news junky, which will come as no surprise to those who know me well. But my appetite for what passes for most news today has diminished as the public discourse continues to disintegrate. What catches my eye these days are the quirky stories that may not really be classified as news, but I find intriguing. Like the five buddies who started a tradition back in 1982 to take a photo, with each of the five in the same spot, every five years. Or the couple who started on what was supposed to be an 18 month road trip through Africa, but turned into a decades long trip around the world -- in the same vehicle! I really enjoyed the 5-minute video montage of photos taken during their travels.

They don't call them "human interest" stories for nothing -- they truly are interesting!

Our weekends are often busier than weekdays since that's when people are free to get together. Sometimes there are multiple activities going on, and we have to choose because you can't do everything.

What are weekends like for you? Do you have a routine? Do you pack your weekend full, or do you try and relax? What's your favorite thing to do on Saturday?


Mari said...

I like human interest stories too. The 5 guys pictures were fun.
I have to work every other weekend. On my weekends off I do some cleaning and baking on Saturday, and usually Sunday is a calm day with not much planned other than church.

Katidids said...

Weekendsare always different. I love to have a relaxing day on Saturday but I generaly use it as a catchup day.
I'd love to see more photos of the new location!

rita said...

I'm not sure it's only in Argentina where the unpredictable happens ;-)
Thinking about you as you see Mirtha today. How wonderful! Hope you get to see the DVD with her.
How wonderful that Aldo can help!

skoots1mom said...

wish i was there to help you with your cabinets...
our weekends usually involve at least one 'get 'er done' lawn care, new batteries in the fire alarms...sundays are church days and i don't cook (yoyo days, you're on your own, leftovers)
my evenings are usually knitting or crocheting
it's 91* here and we've been working in the yard, yuck.
eating our veggies and some catfish for dinner, i think.
have a great day tomorrow!

Christy said...

What happened with the cabinets? Pictures, please!

The Bug said...

My weekends are usually VERY slow. I'm wearing a pedometer for work - aiming for 10,000 steps per day, mostly getting around 8,000 (5,000 on a work day if I don't do any extra walking). But on Saturdays? I'm lucky to break 3,000.

We don't always sit around & do nothing, but after working so hard during the week we tend to keep it unscheduled.