Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still No Internet

Once we realized the internet por aire option wasn't going to work for us, Ivan called to have Telecom switch our landline and internet service from the rental house to the casita. (So glad we had the forethought to hold off on canceling until we were sure! Getting a new hook-up is an ordeal, and quite expensive.) The person Ivan spoke with assured him it would be done within 30 days.

Fast forward 40 days.
Still no internet.

After the initial 30 days, Ivan called to ask why they hadn't taken care of it and was told all our paperwork was in order and the only thing he could do was call and lodge a complaint. When he filed the reclamo, they said we were on the schedule for installation this week. Well, today is Thursday and we haven't heard from Telecom yet.

I'm writing this from Vitto's, a café with wifi and really good coffee (although it's afternoon so I'm sticking to caffeine-free water). As much as I enjoy coming here, I'm longing for the day when we finally get our own internet connection!

[Our neighbor had been letting us use his internet, but his phone/internet has been down for over a week, hence the cafés with wifi.]

I really miss being able to talk with my kids on occasion, read blogs, keep up with the news, and indulge in the occasional Pinterest fest.

So that's why you haven't heard much from me, and we have no idea how much longer Telecom will take. Meanwhile we're doing our best to keep up with e-mails. Not really sure how well we're doing there, either, since sometimes we have time to check e-mails, but not respond. Shocking how dependent we've become on technology, isn't it? I feel rather like I'm missing a body part.

What would you miss most if you had to do without internet? E-mail? Blogs? Pinterest? Something else?


Mari said...

Aaagh! I would have a hard time with that, although it would probably be good for me because I'm too addicted to the internet. :)
I think I would miss Facebook most because it's where I keep up with people. Blogs and e-mail would be right behind that.
Hope you get connected soon!

The Bug said...

I would miss Facebook & email the most, followed closely by blogs. I often don't read blogs on the weekends & I amuse myself when I think, "I haven't heard from so & so in a while." and then I remember that I only read their blog - they're not FB friends.

Here's hoping that today is the magical day!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Kim. This sounds rather familiar, the spotty services. I must admit that Skyping has become essential to me as I help my granddaughter (in Tennessee) with homework just about every night. Consider yourself lucky as far as garbage pick up goes--I don't have any! Have to deal with garbage myself (mostly composting and burning). Hope you have a good holiday season.
best from Tunisia, nadia

Lhoyt said...

Have the telephone companies been nationalized? The services you are getting sound very much like back when EnCoTel (the national monopoly that existed when we were there) was the only service.