Saturday, January 26, 2013

Year Five of Project 365

After vacillating over whether to continue with Project 365, I decided to go ahead, but take some of the pressure off by not worrying about posting every week. Good thing! This is the first Saturday I've had access to the internet, as well as time to actually post the photos. In keeping with a new year, I've started a new blog just for P365 and you can access it via the top button on my sidebar. See, over there to the right? That photo of me and Ivan with the slogan "Project 365: 2013 Edition" written on it? That's the one. Just push on that and it will take you right over to the new blog. With four weeks worth of photos in the first post!

I've also updated the fourth button down that takes you directly to the blog host of Project 365. That's because this year Sara retired and Mama Frans has taken over the hostess responsibilities.

And (hanging my head in shame) I deleted the Prism Quilt--a-long button since I dropped that ball waaaaaaay back. Figured it was time to be realistic about it, because I'm not sure I'll ever finish that particular quilt.

Updating and cleaning out my sidebar gives me as much satisfaction as cleaning out the catch-all drawer in the kitchen.

And continuing with Project 365 makes me happy too, since it's a whole lot easier than trying to keep up with scrapbooks or photo albums. One of these days weeks months, when I'm feeling especially ambitious, I'm even going to turn each year into a photo book.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

glad you are joining us again this year... now i am going over to look at your pictures.


The Bug said...

Woot! I love seeing your pictures :)

I checked out doing a blog book of P365 photos & that sucker was going to be HUGE (I might post more than one photo per day. Maybe).