Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hard to believe we've been here a week already! We left Argentina last Tuesday afternoon, and arrived in Chicago the next morning where our daughter and son-in-law were waiting for us. It's been a jam-packed week!

When we left Argentina it was still nice and warm. Here's the forecast, and I have to say, we blew past the projected highs Sunday through Tuesday. It was in the low 80s, not low 70s.
And it was actually colder on Wednesday than they'd forecast, never getting out of the 40s. My friend Nancy sent me a message on facebook, chiding me on leaving just in time :)

Although they'd been experiencing a colder-than-average Spring here in the Midwest, it warmed up nicely by the time we arrived Wednesday morning. How's that for planning? Okay, okay, can't take any credit for that, but we are grateful for how it worked out!

I may or may not have mentioned my unbounding affection for IKEA before, but it is my favorite store, and when Tina asked if there was anything we'd like to do in Chicago on our first day, I asked if a stop at IKEA would be possible. She replied that it was not only possible, but welcomed! Kyle and Tina just moved the weekend before we arrived, and she had a list of things they wanted to pick up at IKEA, so that worked out really well. They even came prepared with their little trailer that was great for hauling all our luggage and their IKEA loot.

Our first few days it was fun to spend time with Kyle and Tina, with Ivan's mom, and Alan and Sharon... even if it was only a short time, it did our hearts good to have that time with our people.

Sunday morning we headed to Michigan, arriving in time for second service at our home church. I do know I've mentioned here how much we love our church family, but I have to reiterate what a great group of people they are! There was a lot of hugging and grinning going on :)

I'd like to say everything is all good, but the truth of the matter is that Ivan and I are both suffering from a touch of "traveler's tummy" -- which will hopefully pass soon. We did make the trek Monday morning to DMV to renew our licenses, and then stopped at the library on the way home for a few books we could curl up with once we got home. 'Cause home is where we stayed the rest of the day!  We're feeling better today, but still not at 100%. Thankful for a rather slow week in which to recover from the hectic pace we kept right up until leaving Argentina, and through this past weekend.

Oh, and I discovered that although things are better here, bureaucracy still reigns. *sigh* We knew we both needed to renew our driver's licenses since they expired on our birthdays, and we couldn't renew online any more. I called the DMV last year to find out how to deal with it, and was told to just come in once we got back to the states. Only it turns out they've made some new laws since my phone call, and now I have to present my birth certificate and social security card -- both of which I have, but are in Argentina :( So now I have to get a new copy of each, and go back to the DMV. Thankfully Ivan was able to get his license renewed -- the difference in our situations had to do with his birthday falling in January of this year, while mine was in December of last year.

Es lo que hay.

No internet at the place we're staying, but it's fairly easy to find spots with wifi (I'm at a favorite coffee shop in Hillsdale right now). Sadly, the cell reception and 3G on our phones don't work so well where we're staying so that was kind of disappointing. To get good reception for a phone call we have to go outside. Good thing it's summer!

I'm pretty pumped about seeing one of my blog friends and meeting another one next week. We'll be flying to the mission headquarters in the Atlanta area, so I'll get to see the lovely ladies of "Be Still And Know" and "My Hands...His Glory". Let the good times roll!

For those who are interested, I am still participating in Project 365, but on a monthly basis. That has worked out well so far and I hope to continue posting there at the end of each month. I'll have some fun photos up there in early June!


Mari said...

Welcome back to Michigan! Glad you could spend some time with Tina and visit IKEA! I love that place too.

sara said...

So glad you made it home safely!!

And I hope to be one of those blogging friends you meet...sometime in August when I take Jared to school!!!

Skoots1moM said...

i'm getting so excited...keep resting when you can...eager to see you!

The Bug said...

Back from vacation & catching up on blogs - hope you guys are feeling better by now!

I'm jealous that you're meeting Robin & Skootsmom :)

rita said...

Too bad you can't get away from bureaucracy!
Just saw Sara says she's bringing J to school Aug 21!
Bug should come and meet us the too!