Monday, June 3, 2013

This week in Atlanta blew by fast...

It's our last night in Atlanta and I can't believe how fast the week went by. It's been mostly good, with a few bumps along the way. Wishing we had a few more days so we could touch base with more friends, but also anxious to get back to Indiana and see our kids.

Thursday night we had dinner with Lisa and her extended family. Lisa's usually the first one I contact at the mission when I have a question, but we hadn't met her until this trip. So we enjoyed getting to know her and her clan.

Friday night we had dinner with old friends, Rich and Kristin. It's always a joy to sit and visit with them and their lovely children. Well, their son might not appreciate being called lovely, but you know what I mean. They're some of our favorite people. 

Over the weekend I had so much fun hanging with my blog buddies, Scoots1Mom at My Hands, His Glory and Robin at Be Still & Know. I feel like we've been friends forever, even though I've only met Robin once before (on our last trip to Atlanta in 2011) and this was the first time for meeting Scoots.

I mentioned in my previous post that this computer was having issues the other day. Thankfully there have been no further episodes of rebellion and today we achieved our primary goal: finishing a short presentation video.

Of course it didn't go as planned. What ever does?!

The couple who do videos for the mission ended up being delayed on their way back from Indonesia so they didn't arrive until Friday. We felt badly for them because their return trip was a nightmare, and the resulting jet lag horrific. Knowing what they went through and how they must still be feeling, we're grateful they were willing to spend today helping us.

But that wasn't the only bump in the plan...  

Sunday evening Ivan started feeling a bit congested and by bedtime was fully plugged up, completely unable to breath through his nose. As a result, neither of us got much rest last night. We'd planned to have Steve videotape us both talking for a few segments of the presentation, but we're pretty sure Ivan's highly contagious right now so we didn't want him spreading the germs. Instead Steve just audiotaped me reading the script which we then used as a voice-over to go along with photos and video clips from Argentina. But without the additional video footage we thought we'd have, I ended up having to pull extra photos to fill in. No big deal, and we probably didn't spend any longer in the end than we would have if we'd followed Plan A.

We're really happy with the end product, thankful we have something under 5 minutes to share with our supporting churches.

After getting back from doing that I grabbed a box, packed it to the gills, and got it ready to mail. We picked up a few *ahem* things this past week and rather than trying to find a suitcase which we'd then have to lug through two airports, we decided to just mail the excess to ourselves. We also saved a little money since mailing the package was cheaper than paying to take an extra suitcase on the plane. Score!

Now I'm just praying that Ivan will feel a whole lot better in the morning. You know it's no fun to fly when you're congested. He took some cold medicine and went to bed, and I hope he can get some much needed rest before we have to get up at 4:30 to head to the airport.

This coming weekend we're excited to spend some time with our kids and their spouses. Since Jon and Natalie moved to California last year, these get-togethers require some planning ahead. Mike and Rita are letting us use their house while they're in Spain, making it possible for all of us to stay in one place. We're looking forward to cooking yummy food, playing games, laughing and talking... this mama's heart will be full.


Mari said...

Glad you're having fun and getting to look forward to time with the kids.
Praying Ivan feels better!

Skoots1moM said...

can't begin to describe what a joy it was to finally hug your neck and spend time looking at your pretty face with all your adventures and stories from Argentina...I've learned so much and feel I'm losing a long-time neighbor as you leave tomorrow. But, God's plan will not return empty and I'm eager to see what all you have ahead here in the US before returning to Argentina. Know you will be in our continual prayers, eagerly looking forward to your next visit and our getting to 'thrift' together! (Praying the goodies make it safely through the mail!) Love ya, JubiSista!

The Bug said...

So glad you got to spend time with Robin & Skootsmom! What a treat for all of you.

Hope Ivan is MUCH better today. My little cold didn't last long, but I was the opposite of congested...

Have fun with the kids :)