Friday, August 2, 2013

A Quilty Kind Of Week

I have really enjoyed this week with my daughter and her husband. Since Tina's working from home three days a week, I had more time with her than we've had in a long time. Although I did try not to bother her too much when she was busy. While she worked, I did too -- first on a little sewing project for her and then on the pile of UFOs I brought along (unfinished objects). 

Last year I started a baby quilt and finished six large blocks but then stopped in order to work more on all that was involved in moving. Wednesday I was able to add sashing and a border, making this another top I hope to quilt while visiting my friend with a longarm later this month.

Then there's this top that's been languishing in a drawer for well over 20 years. Yes, over 20 years!
I bought a package of coordinating fabrics from Keepsake Quilting in the colors I was decorating my "new" bedroom back then, made this wall-size quilt and then... nothing. I'm not sure why it got put away and never quilted, but that's about to change.

Not quite as old -- but old enough at about 10-12 years? -- is this Lone Start quilt I made in a class.
During the class I also added a border. And hated it. So for a few years the quilt sat folded away in a drawer since I couldn't bring myself to do anything with it. I truly despised that border. It was too busy and too big and too distracting. I wanted the star to be the Star! Finally I ripped off the border -- and put the top back in the drawer. Because even though I knew I did NOT like the first border, I wasn't sure what I DID like. After mulling over the situation for a few years (what can I say, creative genius strikes at odd and infrequent moments) I decided on a simple, plain, thin border to "frame" the star, and nothing more. So this week I finally found a red that works well with the other reds in the quilt, and got just enough for a 2" border (which I plan to add this morning), and I'll bind it in dark blue.

So there you have three of the four tops I'm planning to quilt on my friend's longarm. The fourth is the one I made for the grandbaby (yes, the top is done! finished!) and no photos shall be forthcoming until after I've given it to Kyle and Tina.

I do have to give a shout out to SIL Sharon, because without her help the top would probably still not be finished. I absolutely agonized over a fabric for the border... Jeesh! Talk about DMD (decision-making disorder), I had me a heaping helping of it this week. Thankfully Sharon was able to steer me in the right direction, suggesting a combination of fabrics, both plain and printed, that truly form the perfect mitered border. Muchas gracias, mi amiga :)

My two days with Sharon we had a lot of fun shopping -- one day for clothes (her) and another day for fabric (both of us). She picked up the most adorable yellow dress and plans to wear it to Kyle and Tina's party later this month.

I'm really grateful for this week. It's been productive but not pressured. Full of people I love and quilts and good food... Absolutely one of the best weeks I've had in a long time.


The Bug said...

Those quilts look great! I'm glad you've had this unstructured time to get them completed (& spend time with your girl).

Mari said...

You've been so productive! It has to feel good to get those finished, and even though it's been some years, they're not outdated. What a joy to spend this time with Tina!

Skoots1moM said...

loving that you're getting to be with Tina
those are beautiful quilts, girl!
eager to see the baby's

collegegirl came home this afternoon and we went shopping for some clothes she needed...and she paid!

we enjoyed a quick dinner together of chicken alfredo before she headed back downtown. It was a great afternoon.

thanks for your mom's back surgery went very well and she's no longer having pain in her left leg. so excited for God's helping her so much this week.

have a great weekend...

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Good Morning!

Saturday morning and the Hub's is off doing his morning thing,and the girl is still in bed. The house is very quiet.

Love all the quilts, and I totally get having to step away from projects for a time. Sometimes I think the time away gives us the perspective to really know what we want to do next or even what it is that bothers us about what ever it is that we are working on. I know that is true for me and my paintings.

Enjoy your time off...


rita said...

Love, love, love your quilts!
Amazed at how many!
How wonderful to spend time with Sharon and Tina.
And, yes, I agree, "creative genius strikes" when it wills.

Had to smile the other day when I noticed that the quilt you made us back in '93, which survived the fire, was hung upside down. Hmmm...

Terra said...

I came over from Mari's blog to say hi. How nice you could meet in person. I admire you for being missionaries.

Anonymous said...

Visiting with you via Mari's blog. You certainly have some lovely quilts!