Monday, October 7, 2013

Furlough 2013

Today's our last full day in the states, and I decided to create a little photo collage of our time here:
Obviously this barely scratches the surface, because we were able to see a lot of people and go a lot of places over the past four months, but as far as collages go, it's a fair representation of furlough, I would say.

We get asked a lot if we're ready to go back. Yes, yes we are. But at the same time it's always hard to say goodbye. And it's going to be especially hard, knowing I won't be here for the birth of our first grandchild.

But it's not quite as difficult because we'll be coming back for a short furlough next April. By that time Simon should be 3-4 months old, smiling and cooing a lot, and we should have a lot of fun interacting with him.

So we leave with mixed feelings. An eagerness to get back home, and an eagerness to come back next year.

It's called anticipation.


The Bug said...

I made the collage - woo hoo!

I understand those mixed feelings - there are people you love here, but you have a life in Argentina & not only that you have a ministry there.

Good luck! Safe travels! Have fun storming the castle! (Oops - how did that Princess Bride reference get in there?)

sara said...

wow, the time went fast! So thankful that we were able to meet up!! praying for you both as you travel!!

Mari said...

It was such a blessing to meet you and Ivan! Thanks for fitting me into your busy schedule. :)
I'll be praying for safe travels back and will be anxiously waiting the news of Simons arrival.
PS - when you have time you'll have to check out my ArtPrize top ten post. (
The winner was a huge quilt that made me think of you. It was amazing and the prize was $200,000!