Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I LOVE being a Nana!

I might have mentioned a time or forty-seven that I love being a grandmother. I'd been hearing about it for years from friends who arrived at the position before me, and I'd smile and agree, but I didn't really get it. It wasn't until I saw my baby holding her baby that it hit me. Your heart just melts into a big ol' puddle of mushy mush.

[Rabbit trail: There's a women's clothing store in town called Mushi Mush. Why? It has no meaning in Spanish, and it makes me wonder what they do think it means!]

Anyway, it happened again with the birth of Adalyn. I mean what mother could possibly look at a photo of her son holding his little girl, and not get majorly sentimental?!
He is completely smitten with little Adalyn Faith, as are the rest of us. He says she likes sitting propped against his knees, looking at them.
Don't you ever wonder what's going through their little minds? I imagine conversations like this:
"Hmmm, that face doesn't really go with the voice I got to know while I was inside. I thought he'd be shorter and have more hair." 
or maybe this:
"I wonder if I look like him or her? I like her eyes. His smile is nice. They seem pretty happy. I think I like it here."

I know for a fact that Simon likes it here! He takes such obvious joy in everything he does, and we get a kick out of his smiles and giggles. Last weekend there was a circus in town, and he liked that too!
When they're out and about, he's usually in his stroller or being carried around but at home he has the run of the house. At 8 months old, he's quite mobile! Last week Tina posted this photo with the caption: "I think this best represents what he's been up to this week. He has mastered going from sitting to crawling (still army crawling). Before he would get "stuck" in the sitting position and eventually fuss because he was tired of being in one spot. Not no more!"
Watch him go!

He's especially fascinated with machines that make noise, like the dish washer and washing machine. Funny kid will just sit for a long time and watch the window on the front loader while it swishes water and clothes around.

And me? I could just sit for a long time and look at photos and videos of him and Adalyn. Doesn't matter what they're doing (even sleeping!), I find them the ultimate entertainment.

Yes, you could say I get it now.


Mari said...

I felt the same as you. I knew I would love that baby - just didn't know how much! It really is the best!
Your grandbabies are both jut adorable.

Terra said...

It sounds wonderful to be a grandma.

rita said...

Do you suppose greatgrandparenting equals an even higher level of ecstasy?! Why do I feel the same way about photos of Rebecca Rose?