Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 19: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Thursday, May 7

We went to Sta. Rosa to help launch a new Bible study, which was rescheduled for Friday and then canceled altogether. Looks like it will be a couple weeks before we actually get started. But while we were out there we enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood. This is a not-so-great photo taken with my phone:
We initially thought this was an avocado tree because the leaves look so similar to one, but someone working nearby said it is an ombu (technically not a tree at all). I'm not entirely convinced since it looks just like the avocado tree we had in the backyard on Canning Street. What do you think?

Sunday, May 10

Iglesia de Gracia Monte de Luz celebrated their seventh anniversary today and part of that celebration included a potluck meal after the morning service.
The couple who started the church in May 2008 had to return to the U.S. about six months later, leaving the new congregation in the hands of Pastor Jorge and his wife Bilma. We have come to dearly love this couple and appreciate their faithfulness and his teaching. He may have come to the pastorate late in life, but he surely has a pastor's heart! Here he is speaking with Joaquin, a young man we hope will lead the next generation.
It was a good day of remembering the past and looking ahead to what God will do in the coming years. We are greatly encouraged by the faithful men in the weekly Bible studies.

Monday, May 11

Had to take care of a little banking today. Long lines because tomorrow is a bank strike (not uncommon here).

Tuesday, May 12

We're going to make a fabric-covered headboard for the bed and I took photos of the fabrics I have to work with, and sent them to my fashion savvy daughter and sister-in-law for their input.
Not shown in this photo is a lighter denim. Both ladies thought the darker denim worked better with the floral. I may or may not include a little of the solid green too. I'm playing with ideas on graph paper since my SIL suggested a pieced headboard (I am a quilter, after all!). It will be a while before we get to this, since my current project is new cushion covers for our love seat (using the lighter denim with the solid green for piping).


rita said...

¿Ombú? No sé. Todavía no se ven las enormes raíces sobre tierra.
So good to hear of encouragements!

Terra said...

How good to celebrate seven years for this "new" church. I don't know what kind of tree that is in your photo.

Mari said...

Seven years is great and seeing young people stepping forward is also!
Your headboard will be beautiful! I really like the fabric.

The Bug said...

Ooh I love that headboard fabric! I think the dark blue & the green will look great with that print.