Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 7: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Saturday, February 13

Went into town this morning to run a few errands. While I waited for Ivan at one place, I noticed a new store across the street. The bright purple exterior is eye-catching to say the least. I also got a kick out of the name; when I saw Romeo, I immediately thought of Juliet -- but no, it's Ramona!
No, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

Monday, February 15

Ivan harvested our grapes this year. He planted the cuttings (from mom's grape vine in Sta. Rosa) two years ago. I was surprised we had any at all, since the plant is not very big, but we enjoyed our small handful of fresh grapes.

I took several pictures of the vine, but it's hard to get a good shot because it's on the fence next to the empty lot next door that's completely overgrown so the greens just all blend in together. 

Wednesday, February 17

Stopped at our neighborhood vegetable store. We go several times a week to get fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually Ivan goes alone, when he's out running errands and, unless he's super busy, the owner inevitably spends time talking and sharing a slice of fresh fruit.
Lately we've been enjoying sweet corn, peaches, pears, avocados, and other yummy goodness.

Friday, February 19

I ran out of a certain color thread I needed, so we made a run downtown. Something new this year (since they put in a new main street with pavers instead of cement) is that all the restaurants have extended their space outdoors with sidewalk eating areas. And some company must have been giving a discount because they all have the same type of awnings now. Which, I have to say, looks more uniform and, in my opinion, nicer. In this photo, the awnings are all red, but we've seen orange, green, blue... But they're all the same style.

We've had thunderstorms almost every night for the past week. The one Thursday night was what we call a "gully washer" and it truly did wash some gullies out! This is a side street that tees into our street a couple of houses down.
Granted, the road wasn't in the best shape before this, but it's infinitely worse now.

My focus for a while has been making these fold-up totes.
This shows most of the totes done and folded, one open, and pieces to the next one. My initial goal was for twenty, but I decided to make a couple of extra, just in case.

Our annual conference is coming up the first week of March and I wanted to have enough to give each woman at the ladies tea. I made a few in December and thought at the time it would be a fun, relatively easy project. I haven't changed my mind, but it did turn out to be a bit more time-consuming than I thought. Probably because I had to spread it out over a long period of time, sewing one here, three there, until I finally finished yesterday. Twenty two in total!

It was an even better choice than I imagined at the time, because the theme for the ladies tea is going to be Books! Our area director's wife is putting together a list of books she recommends, and we're doing a book exchange -- so those totes will come in handy! I'm helping with the tea this year, and made the invitation. Here's what I came up with:
For centerpieces I'm going to wrap books in pretty paper and tie them together in stacks of three or four. I'm also repurposing some cans (that pineapple came in) and turning them into book-themed vases for flowers. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos at the tea; I can't tell you the number of years I remember after the fact, when it's too late.    


rita said...

Very cleaver invitations (and centerpieces and vases, I'm sure, but will have to confirm when the photos are posted ;-)
Cool totes! ¡Qué afortunadas las mujeres cuando te toca a ti organizar el té!

Mari said...

I like the awnings and the space they create. Your tea sounds fun and I hope you remember to take pictures!

The Bug said...

I love those totes! I carry a bag in my purse that squishes into itself - it's very handy!

That purple store is the best - and I would have been amused too.