Friday, November 18, 2016

October: Project 365, the 2016 Edition

Tuesday, October 11

Couldn't help but share some of these adorable pics from Tina. I love, love, love this one of Tina with the kids!

And how cute is this little Betsyboodle?!

This photo cracked me up! The girls pulling the boy in the wagon. Looks like our grandson is already figuring out how to get the ladies to do his bidding.

Thursday, October 13

I took the kids over to see mom. Betsy was tired by the end of the visit -- keeping us all entertained is hard work!

Friday, October 14

Our first rehab project is on the market! I put together a collage of a few pictures Tina took for us. (Happy to say it has since sold!)

Tuesday, October 18

Loved this great picture Natalie shared of Adalyn at preschool. Isn't that a cool room?!

Friday, October 21

Love those Shutterfly deals: this time a puzzle.

Saturday, October 22

We were missing the grandkids, so after going to Goshen to see "Sully" in the theater, we went to see the grandkids who were at their other grandparents' house. Simon was immersed in playing with some of the toys Ann keeps on hand for the kids.

Sunday, October 23

This has been the most spectacular fall! This tree is just down the block from us, but you can see color everywhere you look these days.

Monday, October 24

A trip to the post office for stamps meant a short wait in line. I was amused to see the ubiquitous kiosk of gift cards in the lobby. Definitely one of those new-to-us things since our last time in the states; you can't turn around without running into one of these.

Wednesday, October 26

Crazy that the roses are still blooming!

Thursday, October 27

A fun evening as we celebrated Jennie's birthday.
 I've known these lovely ladies for over forty years. Love that we can pick up where we left off!

Saturday, October 29

Friends who retired to Arizona this year were back in the Midwest to see family and came to spend the weekend. Had gorgeous weather for their visit!

Monday, October 31

Couldn't resist sharing this photo of Adalyn's first time trick-or-treating. How cute is this little fairy?! 

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The Bug said...

I love all the grandkid photos - they're all adorable. That rose picture is just lovely!

I have friends like yours - we'll be getting together this Christmas for the 32nd (?) time. Reminds me - we need to start thinking about when we can get together!