Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cuteness Alert!

It's been way too long since I posted photos of the most adorable grandkids in the world :) Since the oldest two started preschool this week, I thought it was an especially good time to break out the most recent pictures!

When Tina picked Simon up after his first day, she told him she'd missed him. His response: "Ok, but I didn't miss you while I was doing fun things." LOL  Reminds me of going back to work when Jon was about 18 months old. I was a wreck, leaving my baby for the first time, and it did not help that Jon didn't want to go home with me when I went to pick him up -- he was having too much fun with his cousins! Be sure and enlarge the photo so you can read what Simon wants to do when he grows up :)

Adalyn was more than a little ready for her first day, and too wiggly to stand still for a photo :) She also loves preschool, which isn't surprising since she's just as social as I remember her father being! Don't you love that shirt?!

Sweet little Betsy isn't old enough for preschool, but she spent Simon's first day of school wearing her "pack pack" everywhere. And that reminds me of her mama :) Tina always wanted to do whatever her brother was doing!

I just find it fascinating to see how much my grandkids are like my kids in so many ways. They're cute as buttons anyway, but it's extra fun when they do and say things that remind me of Jon and Tina when they were little!

And because I can't help myself, here are a few more photos :) I've stolen liberally from Tina's Facebook album; I can't begin to take photos as good as hers. The next post will be a recap of my recent trip to California and will be loaded with photos of Little Miss A but I wanted to include a couple of them here (and those I did take, with my iPhone).

This is one of my favorite photos of Simon this summer! The pure joy with which he approaches everything makes my heart glad.

Tina does a fantastic job capturing special moments. He was pretty intent on the job!

I love how he's sharing with his sister -- totally melts my heart <3

The kids love to play in their new outdoor kitchen -- pretty much daily. They have so much fun making mud pies and other delicacies.

She gets her style from her Nina! LOL

They joined us for church and a picnic at the end of July and Tina snapped this photo of us with the kids. Believe me, getting them to sit still didn't last long! Tina's learned to be quick with the camera :)

Pretty sure Miss A is singing as she works on her Play Doh creation. She loves to sing, and knows most of the words to a quite a few Disney movies, and really belts them out!

She does enjoy torturing Bailey. LOL  He looks so pitiful, doesn't he, just sitting there waiting for a cookie crumb to drop?! Leo is much more dignified, laying out of sight in this photo, but he's quick as lightning when Adalyn does drop something.  


The Bug said...

Oh my goodness the cuteness! I love what Simon wants to do when he grows up. Do you think he could do the toothpaste thing professionally? I would hire him - most nights I don't want to spend the energy on tooth management. :)

Mari said...

Oh my! I can not believe how big they are, and yes, they are really cute! Love Simon's sign!