Sunday, January 28, 2018

So much for Project 365

It's January 28 and I've had two "good" days out of the month. The rest of the time I've been battling bronchitis, acute asthma and the flu. People, Indiana is killing me! I've never been so sick in my life, and hope to never go through this again. Yes, I'd always get bronchitis when we lived in Michigan. Difference was I was younger and had some reserves to draw on; this time around I was wiped out before I started and that's not a good place.

Three rounds of meds and a cough suppressant with codeine (which, hallelujah!, allows me to finally get some sleep at night) and I'm feeling marginally better. Although last night was a bummer, with me sucking on cough drops all night in addition to the couch syrup. Gah! I'm so ready to be over this crud.

Not feeling great but I also don't feel like death, so there's that. This is progress, it's just really, really slow. Absolutely exhausted today. I have nothing left, and it's going to take some time to build my body back up, allow it to heal, and get to the place where I have some reserves again. My mother-in-law, who is 96, is doing better than I am!

I've purposely stayed away, to avoid contaminating her, but she still tested positive for influenza A last week. Thankfully it seems to be a mild case and she was able to get moved into her new shared space in medical care at the end of the week. Another big change for her.

Ivan and one of the nephews moved the furniture out of her old apartment on Saturday. Rita spent last week, and is coming back this week, to deal with all the little stuff (and there is SO MUCH little stuff). I've felt mildly guilty I can't help, but I'm also too tired to care much. Feeling confident they'll have the place cleared out by Wednesday, as needed.

Tina and the family came and got the piano, which mom wanted her to have. It was fun seeing the video they posted on Facebook last night, of Tina playing and the kids singing together. That's exactly what mom wanted!

With this being the January of Great Sickness, I'm putting a hold on Project 365. We'll see how fast I bounce back (so far no bouncing at all) and go from there. For now I'm happy to have the energy to type this short post; a week ago this wouldn't have been possible. And while I'm at it, a shout out to my amazing husband, who has been a rock, parking at the doctor's office twice this week, to make sure I get what I need (along with many other things). He's taking such good care of me!

I had such high hopes for blogging this year. hahahahahahahaha     


The Bug said...

Aw I'm sorry you''ve been so sick! Thank goodness for Ivan. I've been a little concerned that I would catch something now that I'm back working out in the world, but so far so good.

Take care of yourself - we'll still be here when you get better!

rita said...

No need to feel guilty, not even mildly so. So grateful for Ivan's help getting stuff hauled out. We made a good team.
So glad your church friends are there to support and help.
Thanks for writing as you can, doesn't need to be weekly.
We love you.