Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Great Big Welcome to Eisley Laine!

Our fourth grandchild, Eisley Laine, made her appearance on May the 4th; she's a true Star Wars baby! And crazy coincidence but Jon and Natalie chose a space theme for her -- how cool is that?!
It wasn't an easy birth and I'm so proud of how Natalie soldiered through and delivered her naturally, despite the complications they ran into throughout the long labor.
Everyone is enamored of this little cutie! And how could you not be?! She's totally adorable!

Does Jon look a little solemn? I think the enormity of being daddy of two may have just sunk in. Haha!

We won't know for a week or so, but we're hoping for another red head!

Baby burrito!

She's got the most adorable outfits. Lots of polka dots which I'm completely obsessed with (have been collecting polka dot fabric for years and one of these days I'm going to make myself a polka dot lap quilt).

 And girl can totally rock just a diaper too! 
Good morning world!

Adalyn has been waiting and waiting and waiting for her baby sister and can't get enough of her!

The quilt they're on is the one I made for Eisley. At the end of the post I'll include a few pics I took before I mailed it.

And is it just me, or do you want to pretend you're Rosemary Clooney and start belting out the song "Sisters" from "White Christmas", too?

We are hoping I'll feel up to making the trip to visit this sweet little addition to our family after chemo and before surgery, sometime in September. It's wonderful seeing photos and videos and FaceTiming but Nina wants to hold and snuggle this cutie!

And now here are pictures of the finished quilt.
The concept was a little girl floating past a window, holding planet "balloons".  Adalyn's quilt has a lot of purple in it and that's the color that kind of ties the two quilts together; the pretty sparkly purple fabric I used for the border worked really well with the background fabric.

I "auditioned" several color fabrics for the hair but the orange popped on the background better than the others (and as I mentioned, we're hoping for another redhead!).

Ivan had the fun idea of adding the Disney Pluto sticking up from behind one of the planets, as a nod to the Pluto that is no longer considered a planet.

I was insane enough to decide to do a two-sided quilt this time around! Jon and I both love the Apollo space program so I did a whole cloth appliqúe of an astronaut and then embroidered the line details with blue thread. The flag is a patch I bought online.

I had the background fabric already. Actually I had all the fabric I needed to make this quilt, except the front background and the black I bought to do the binding. It took far longer than it should have due to being sick so much since the beginning of the year. I mailed it the day before she was born and it arrived the day they came home from the hospital. Talk about cutting it close! 


Mari said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful and so is Adalyn! I think another redhead would be perfect. :)
I love your quilt too. You are so talented!
Still praying for you...

The Bug said...

She is just adorable & those pictures of her & her sister are PRECIOUS. My favorite one though is the one with mom & the girls. So sweet.

That quilt is AMAZING! Such a legacy for those children to have pieces of art from their grandmother.