Friday, May 7, 2010

The Graduate

When my kids were little, older women would tell me, "Enjoy them now because they'll be grown before you know it." I would smile and nod ('cause I was brought up right and knew enough to be polite to my elders) but I simply could not envision a life beyond diapers and skinned knees and toys strewn throughout the house. Like I'd always have my babies with me.

But they do grow up and then they're gone. And, in our case, so were we...6,000 miles overseas.

My youngest graduates from college tomorrow. Graduates with honors, summa cum laude.
We are SO PROUD our buttons would be bursting off if we had them. She's worked really, really hard and totally deserves the honors (which includes the Communications Student Leader award!).

She'll graduate surrounded by family and friends who love her. Her brother and his wife. Her grandma. An aunt, uncle and cousins. Friends she's made during her sojourn in Indiana. And three dear ladies from our home church in Michigan will be traveling down for the festivities.

These three women have all played a big part in Tina's life. Peggy was her mentor in high school and they spent long hours studying the Word of God together and sharing their hearts. During that same time, whenever we'd have to travel for long periods of time on deputation, Katie opened her home and not only gave Tina a place to stay but also made her a part of the family. Since we moved overseas Lois has done the same, providing much more than a place for Tina to crash whenever she goes to Michigan...she pampers and cares for Tina like a daughter.

I'm so thankful these ladies will be there to share in this momentous day with my daughter. But I'm still really, really sad I can't be there too.

Because tonight there's this amazing Presidential Dessert for graduates and their family.

I kid. Sort of. I am sad because as a parent, you especially want to be there for the big things. And this IS a BIG thing!

Tina, you know we'd be there if we could. We'll be with you in our thoughts and prayers, cheering you on from our little corner of the world.
Love you bunches :-)


Christy said...

Congratulations to Tina, and to you, too, Kim!

Mari said...

Congratulations to your beautiful Tina. What an accomplishment!

skoots1mom said...

oh, MAMAsista...I want you to be there, too! What wonderful accomplishments she has made in college...and i love the pic she sent you
What a wonderful time of celebration for your Tina and you!
i'll be working the 'flowers' table at dd's chorus show tonight with the proceeds going to the chorus program (i'll get one in honor of Tina...i'll have to send you an email and tell you 'the connection' dd feels with Tina, it'll make you giggle)
can't wait to hear where she'll be post graduation ... give her our prayers and blessings

sara said...

first congrats to your girl!!! I know you are proud of her!

Kim, I am praying for you. I know your mama's heart is bursting with pride but I also know it hurts not to be there. ((hugs)) from me to you!

is there anyway they can skype the graduation?

The Bug said...

Tina is gorgeous! I know you're so excited & happy for her.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! This must be bittersweet for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Sarah @ Dream in Domestic said...

Congratulations! It looks like you did a great job raising her - she's beautiful and sounds like quite the amazing woman! I am in her position, graduating in a year, and I can say that it makes me just as sad as my parents to think how fast time goes, although I'm really looking forward to the future. I'm sure she has great memories!

Your post made me think of how strange it is that people have big parties for high school graduation but sometimes people's college graduations go uncelebrated. I'm really glad your daughter will have people there to celebrate with her. I think college is a much bigger deal than high school, but it doesn't seem to be a celebratory affair like high school is. Just a weird thing for me to think about.

I hope you get through the day okay!

Sue Berres said...

Hi Kim
Congratulations! And I'm sure your heart will be in IN.

Rach just dropped off Tyty asour over night guest. She and Brian are celebrating 4 years already!

love and prayers

Betty said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! I know exactly how you feel, about other woman being there for her, when you can´t. My daughter has some of the same kind of relationships and it does make it a bit easier to be so far away from your loved one.
So sorry you can´t be there at this special time!

rita said...

Dear Kim,
Got back an hour ago from the short but great visit with your precious young'uns--Tina as beautiful and sparkly as ever; Jon & Natalie, fun to talk to; Kyle, ever so gallant.
The desserts were fabulous, but tried to hold back ;)
So glad Tina has all those caring people going tomorrow!
I'm sure you will get a multi-leveled, many sided, thorough report, photographic, verbal, written.