Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

For our 31st anniversary we're doing romantic things like this...
And this...
We both have bad head colds, we both managed to put our backs out, and we have laundry out the wazoo...but as Ivan says, at least we can feel miserable together...while we take turns breathing deeply above a bowl of boiling hot water doctored with tei-fu oil and a towel draped over our heads to keep the steam and menthol in. If I get just half the laundry done today (there's a total of 10 loads which I'm not sure is evident from the photo) I'll feel like the day was successful. Hmmmmm, we sure know how to celebrate!

We actually just had a fabulous five-day retreat with most of the folks from our fledgling church plant and I have lots to share about that in the coming days. Along with the latest in our dealing-with-customs-over-a-package series.

Having been pretty silent for most of a month, I'm eager to get back into the habit of almost-daily blogging. I just wasn't sure if I could/should/would continue to spend the time necessary to maintain a blog in view of how much busier we are these days with ministry. BUT I realized part of that ministry is staying in touch with family and friends back home and this venue suits me better than e-mail, facebook, twitter or any of the myriad methods out there today. Not that I don't use the others, but my conclusion is that I'm a blogger first and foremost. So...

Hello Bloggy world! I'm BACK!


SusanD said...

Happy Anniversary. WOW! 31 Years!!! That's awesome. So sorry you are not feeling up to snuff for it. Just postpone it a few days and do something special when you're feeling better. Blessings, SusanD

Betty said...

I´m glad you decided to stay! :)
Happy Anniversary and hope you feel better soon!
I think a bloggy break off and on is a good way to "recharge" your battery.

rita said...

That is a funny picture, tho' NOT a fun condition. I joined your misery this weekend, perhaps it was sympathetic. It was a bit discouraging considering we have less than a week to prepare for our trip to Spain!
Enjoy and celebrate midst the laundry and sniffles..."in sickness and in health"...BLESSINGS!
I remember your day 'cause it's Mike's BD and we were in Sta. Rosa on that day 31 years ago.
I noticed on FB that it was also Juan Colle's BD.
SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you're back. Blogging is your thing, your ministry, your support group, your life-line of sorts.
It is one of my goals too, but I must be careful about time spent.
Most exciting news about el retiro exitoso!!!
¡Que se mejoren pronto!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! Love those pictures. You do know how to have fun!
Hope you both feel better soon!

sara said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I do hope ya'll are feeling better soon! and maybe can enjoy a dessert together like the one on your new button!!!