Thursday, June 10, 2010

It feels like Friday

This has just been a LONG week. A good one, but a long one.

Skoots, thanks for the info on how to fix my broken headphone jack! As soon as we get hold of a straw, we're going to try it. And Sarah, appreciate the tip that 1 egg white equals 2 tablespoons -- that's a handy bit of knowledge.  Google is great, but my bloggy friends are a great source of info too!

We've been doing a bit of house hunting lately. Out of those we've looked at, only one got me the least bit excited. It needs some work but it's solid and has good "bones" with definite possibilities. It also has a large yard and some pretty nice views of the surrounding mountains...
We walked around the yard before going inside, and off in a corner we discovered this:
It's a sign, I tell you! LOL

I am a HUGE fan of the bathtub. My previous favorite way to de-stress and relax was to take a long hot bubble bath with a good book and a bit of chocolate. Sadly that's not possible where we live now since we only have a shower. Tubs are actually a very rare thing here. So when we saw the tub just sitting there under the trees, I got pretty excited! It's cast iron and could easily be refinished.

But all thoughts of house hunting/buying will have to be put on hold for a week while we travel to Sta. Rosa to do some much needed work on that house. Ivan will be chopping up the TWO cottonwood trees he had a crew cut down the last time we were there (he would have done it then but the chainsaw broke)...
And he'll install a new plastic water tank on the roof to replace the existing poured cement tank. We could fix it, but it wouldn't STAY fixed so we decided to go with the more permanent solution provided by the plastic tank. Meanwhile I'll be painting the kitchen cupboards. White, of course :D  I do love a white kitchen!

We're going next week because it's supposed to be sunny and pleasant (low 60s all week) which is perfect considering all Ivan's work is outside, and I'll need to keep the windows open for ventilation since the paint is oil-based. Now that we're using the house more for ministry purposes, there are some things that need fixing sooner rather than later (i.e., the water tank). Other projects aren't so imperative (i.e., painting the cupboards) but we I'm anxious to get to them. Hopefully I'll remember to take some before photos so I can share the progress.


Betty said...

Oh yeah, don´t forget the before pics. :)
Sounds like you are feeling better and good enough to paint cupboards.
My next kitchen will be white too (it´s brown now).
Have fun working, and hopefully the warm weather will hold.

junglewife said...

One more comment about measuring egg whites... make sure to convert it to the biggest measurement you can before you start measuring. That is, if you need 4 T, use 1/4 cup instead of 4 tablespoons. Egg whites are slippery little suckers and it's hard to get an accurate measurement - they're always wanting to slip out of the cup or spoon you're using to measure :-)

Mari said...

The possibility of a new place sounds exciting, especially if you get a bathtub!
I'll be looking for before and after pictures of what you work on in Sta. Rosa.

skoots1mom said...

i always get excited hearing about people buying houses or property...can't wait to see what you get. A tub would be GREAT!

Debbie said...

Oh, that tree work looks daunting to me! And you are so right about learning from blogging buddies! I do every day:)

The Bug said...

Enjoy painting the cabinets - I like my white cabinets too.

Hope the house works out (if you want it to!).

Lhoyt said...

Sure glad you told us what was in the picture (the bathtub). My first thought was that it was a typical vault that you see in a cemetery down there. (And you know people are dying to get in there!!!)
I can actually say that I would love to be there and help Ivan do the repairs and remodelling to the house there in SR. It will sure be nice to see that place again (when we finally get down there to visit.)