Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project 365, Week 23

I've been down pretty much all week with a bad head cold. And the coughing. Oh.My.Word. the COUGHING! Which continues but not as continuously. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle coughing. Ugh. But here are a few photos from my week...

Last Sunday I was still delusional and thought if I just stayed home and rested I'd get better quicker. So like a good girl, I stayed home and rested. Except for a little time at the sewing machine, trying out an idea I had spent half the night thinking about because I couldn't sleep DUE TO ALL THE COUGHING. Overall I'm pleased with the end product, but I'll do a few things differently next time. Just thought these would be a fun item to have on hand for gifts.
Ivan picked three roses and put them in a vase where I could see them from the couch. I enjoyed them for an entire week! They were the biggest roses we've ever had, and I have no idea why these were so ginormous. I took this photo with a playing card so you could have some idea of how large the blooms were...
My constant companions for the past ten days...cough drops, inhaler, tissues, lip balm, glass of water, eye mask...
I haven't shared any photos of the house next door in a while. Construction continues, slowly but surely. They've put in a sidewalk and driveways, and have been laying plaster on the interior, plus putting the roof on. Lots of debris resulting from all the work, so they've been filling this dumpster regularly. (Sorry this photo isn't very good; it was taken after dark.)

Friday we made our monthly trek into Cordoba for some heavy duty shopping. Also had to stop at the telephone company to finalize getting our cell phones put into our names (now that we have our D.N.I.s). In the same plaza was this "Temple of Soccer" which cracked us up. So true for most Argentines! They are PASSIONATE about soccer and with the World Cup starting this week in South Africa, the excitement is palpable.
Finally I have a photo from atop one of the nearby mountains. A realtor took us to see a couple of houses yesterday and then wanted to show us an empty lot. The cost of just the lot was equal to the houses so it's not a viable option for us, but you have to admit, the views from the lot are absolutely stunning!
Lisa @ Blessed is hosting Project 365 this week while Sara's on vacation with her family. Thanks Lisa!


Tori said...

Sorry about your cold! Never fun!!
The bag you made is gorgeous!! How does one get on your gift list? :)
That view is spectacular! Then again, you have some beautiful views around there!
Have a great week and feel better!!

Mari said...

I hope that cold, and the cough go away soon!
The purse is so cute! Nice job. The rose is huge, and so pretty and that view is spectacular!

RaD said...

That beautiful rose is huge! Maybe God was smiling on you because you felt so bad :)

Beautiful view, too bad it's not feasible for you to purchase that land.

The Bug said...

I love the bag! If I had not just purchased a new purse for myself I'd be wanting on the gift list too :)

Hope you feel better soon. In my experience the cough hangs around MUCH longer than the cold.

paisleysandsugar said...

I've got the sniffles too. Hope you're feeling better. =)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Head cold's are the worst! I hope you feel better soon!

Love, love love that purse! You are too talented. I have a hate hate relationship with my sewing machine. Every time i want to use it I have to get the DD to thread it for me, then it usually messes up and i get that giant wad of thread on the back side....good times!

Great pictures!

Ladynred said...

I just finished with my cold a week ago! Thank God!!! I love the bag too and nice color. The last photo is beautiful view!

Betty said...

You really are very talented. Even when sick you create such a master piece!
I hope you feel better soon. I just hate a cough and am crossing my fingers that I won´t get it this winter.

McCrakensx4 said...

YUCK...colds are never fun. Hope you are feeling better. But those roses are beautiful! And love that bag...bravo! What a pretty view!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

So sorry you've been sick. Your "constant companions" look very familiar. Been there.

That ROSE!!!! Golly! That's HUGE!!!!

Temple of Soccer. Ha! Funny. World Cup IS pretty cool, though.

rita said...

Cute purse!
(We used the word 'cute' a lot over there and couldn't come up with a perfect translation.)
Gorgeous roses! 'divinas'
I bought an Argentina World Cup T-shirt in Europe! And today we are recording the game, which you are probably watching right now!
Is the 'nueva casa vecina' obstructing your view? The other 'vista' is fantástica.