Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365, Weeks 42 & 43

I've been working on a secret project this week that has taken pretty much all of my spare time. From the few blogs I have been able to read, sounds like fall is in full swing and many of you are decorating with pumpkins, enjoying football games and making soup. Meanwhile I'm enjoying another glorious October, the month when rose bushes here go BERSERK! While out visiting folks today we saw roses absolutely everywhere in every color you can imagine.

I have two weeks worth of Project 365 to catch up on so let's get started...

I mentioned we have a friend from the U.S. who is attending a bilingual program in Buenos Aires and he visited us a couple weekends ago. That Sunday afternoon we enjoyed an impromptu concert when our co-workers' daughters and Ben began playing through some choruses.
We continued the music into our evening service with what we used to call a Singspiration. So much fun!

Here's the view of one side of our house that has pink, yellow and red rose bushes...

A friend's dog had puppies a few weeks ago. Aren't they adorable!?

Ivan took this shot of pigeons on the wall by our house. They remind me of two women catching up on all the latest gossip :)
Ivan had to get up on the roof again last week and while he was up there he took some photos of the neighborhood.

Last Sunday Ivan took the Bible Institute students up the Via Cruz.
Before they left Monday they wanted our photo. Maybe planning to make a Most Wanted poster?

I spent several days this week catching up on paperwork, one of my favorite pastimes. NOT! But at least we enjoyed gorgeous weather so I could work out on the patio.

Wednesday was the last English class for the year. We're a little busy getting ready to head north for our daughter's wedding and the kids are gearing up for lots of exams the last month of school (the school year goes from March to November). In this photo they are jumping with joy as they pretend to "graduate", with Fernando even throwing his ball cap into the air.

It's not only our roses that are blooming; the whole yard is a burst of color. Here's a photo of the area around our front door.
Because we have so many roses, I don't feel a bit guilty picking some every few days to enjoy inside.
We've also shared them with our new neighbors, along with a plate of home-baked goodies. They just moved here from Buenos Aires and told Ivan they'd never been welcomed to a new neighborhood before. Guess that's not part of their culture, but it IS part of ours!

Wish I could also give each of you a jar of pretty roses!


Mari said...

The roses are gorgeous! I like all the photos for the week. Tell Ivan thanks for helping by taking the roof shots!

Debbie said...

I love bringing flowers into the house. Don't ever feel guilty - enjoy!

The Bug said...

Those roses are beautiful. Don't tell anyone, but frankly roses are one flower I enjoy more on the table than on the bush. I don't think rose bushes themselves are very pretty.

I wanna know the secret project! I know, I know, all in good time grasshopper...

Betty said...

I love that you have so many roses growing there. Is it a town "thing", that everyone plants roses?
I´m glad you are having such nice weather over there.
When do you leave for the US? I´m sure you´re counting the days. :)

skoots1mom said...

such beautiful weather you're having...loving all your flowers, too!

sara said...

I really love that our seasons are different, because as we move into fall (well most of the country, we are still in summer I think), it reminds me spring is coming!!!

those puppies are adorable!!! what kind are they?

I love the picture of the "graduates"!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Your roses are beautiful; love the colors. I do the same thing when new neighbors move in...well baked goodies anyways! Hope you have a great week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

A secret mysterious :)

Roses, roses and more roses, my grandma would have been so happy. She loved roses and had a yard full of them.

They are amazing!


rita said...

So many great photos! Loved seeing the neighborhood, the front of your house, the patio--oh, so inviting! The roses, amazing. So did the boys come back?

Kay said...

Roses and puppies and pretty weather! Love it! : )

Ladynred said...

Yes I love the puppies. They are so cute.

Tori said...

Those roses are amazing, and so tall!!
Oh sweet little puppies.
With all of your great talent, I can only imagine what the special project is. Can't wait to find out.
Have a super week!!

H-Mama said...

I love all the flowers and color! And those puppies... be still my beating heart. Sigh.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Roses, puppies, music, and school ending...some of my favorite things on earth. :)
Great week!

SusanD said...

I love puppies but we've agreed they would restrict our travels too much. So no puppy for me. At least for now. The roses are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Lhoyt said...

Welcoming people to the neighborhood does not seem to be on the docket here, either. However, the folks across the street have made us feel welcome. They have three kids, two girls 7 & 5, and a newborn boy. Their next door neighbors, Puerto Ricans, also have made us feel welcome.