Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This isn't actually linked to the Thankful Thursday meme but I just wanted to share some things I'm especially thankful for today.

(1) We finally finished the work we'd started on the kitchen in Sta. Rosa! We just spent a few days out there and GOT 'ER DONE!

Well, I should say, Ivan got 'er done because first thing I did Monday morning was slice off the tip of my thumb. OUCH.
(2) Rotary cutters slice cleanly at least :)

It meant I wasn't much help work-wise. I kept the meals coming and served as a one-woman cheering section, but actual labor on my part was severely limited. [On top of doing everything else, Ivan had to do all the dishes since I had to keep the bandage dry.]

I'll have more photos on Sunday with Project 365 but I didn't want to keep our relatives in suspense any's the new and improved ALL WHITE kitchen:
Oops! Forgot to close the drawers all the way before I took the photo.

(3) We had beautiful weather the days we were out there. As we loaded up and headed home yesterday the rain started and continued through the night, but we didn't care 'cause WE WERE DONE.

(4) We arrived home to a lovely bouquet of roses and lavender from our garden, arranged by our lovely co-workers. Despite the gray rainy day, the burst of color on our dining room table just made me smile! (You can see the peacock feathers in the background. Aren't they pretty too?) These are the first roses of the season.

(5) A young man from our home church is visiting! Ben's a neat young man who is attending the bilingual program at Palabra de Vida this year. He was able to get away for a few days and took the overnight bus, arriving this morning. We're looking forward to sharing our city and area with him! It's so nice to see a familiar face :)

(6) The rain ceased at some point in the night and we woke to clear skies -- an absolutely gorgeous day!
As Mr. Rogers used to sing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!"


Mari said...

Ouch! Hope that finger heals quickly. It's hard to get anything done when you can't get it wet. The kitchen is looking good. Isn't it great to see progress?
We are having beautiful weather too. The sun has been shining all week.

sara said...

oh, that picture just made me cringe! praying you heal quickly!

We are having GORGEOUS weather and I am thoroughly enjoying is supposed to get hot again next week. We desperately need some rain!!

The Bug said...

Your kitchen looks great! And those roses are gorgeous. Sorry you sliced your thumb - sounds like something I would do. Hope it heals quickly.

skoots1mom said...

kisses for your thumb...
i did that last year and had to have stitches.
love your bright!

Lhoyt said...

Hope the throbbing is over.
What a transformation in that kitchen! Sure feels good to have a job done--finished--doesn't it?
Our roses went wild this season, but I surely would love to have some variety in colors (ours are all red).

He & Me + 3 said...

Yikes on the thumb. OUCH. Hope it is better soon.
Beautiful sky picture and I love the kitchen. White is such a clean and cheery color

Jen T said...

Oh, Kim that thumb (but it did get you out of doing dishes)! Bless your heart. The kitchen looks great. I love the countertops..they really pop with the white cabinets. It's very cheerful! That's a pretty blue sky - I hope you have another today! jen

rita said...

Que terrible! Pobrecita :(
Y aun asi terminaste la cocina?
Muy, muy lindo todo y muy limpio.
Las rosas--'divinas' como dicen alla. (Disculpame, todavia no se usar los acentos con este 'netbook')