Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365, Week 21

I was a total SLACKER this week when it came to taking photos for Project 365. We were busy settling into our cute house AND getting ready to start visiting our supporting churches, plus it rained just about ALL WEEK LONG so we didn't get out and do a lot of stuff.

I know... excuses, excuses. I promise to try and do better this coming week!

One of the things I'll do is take photos of our home-for-the-next-six-months. You would not believe what a great church we have! Good friends are letting us use a house they own, and other people in our church loaned everything from a fridge and a bed to a stove and dishware. We arrived last Saturday night and moved right in! And so many have asked what else we need, so an iron and ironing board and then a desk another chair for the living room.

We are sooooooo blessed!

It's been fun to jump back into "family life" at church too, and we're so grateful for these opportunities to catch up with dear friends!

Made some new friends, too, when Rita and Mike came up Thursday and good friends of theirs from the OM days joined us. Lots of story swapping, laughter, and fun. I love meeting other missionaries!!! Dennis and Donna have a heart for the Dalits, a people group in India who are considered so unworthy they're not even part of the caste system. Now that, my friend, is LOW!

But alas, I failed to take even a single photo that day :(

It wasn't until Saturday dawned clear and bright that I even thought to get the camera out of its case. Our town is having it's annual Riverfest celebration so we walked down to check things out. On the way we passed a house with this cool stairs-to-nowhere...only it isn't really to nowhere, because back in the horse and buggy days a carriage could pull right up next to this and the ladies could daintily step out and down the stairs, while the horse could be tethered to the nifty little post.

Modern-day carriages were the stars of Riverfest though...
We had a lot of fun checking out the car show!

My favorite was this absolutely stunning turquoise 1954 Chevy. *SWOON*
And the super nice owner invited me to get in and have my picture taken! Can you see me in there? No, okay, here's a close-up:
Could my grin get any bigger? :)  It was so fun.

We also saw a ton of people we hadn't seen in years...people we'd worked with, or known through various activities. It IS a small town after all!


sara said...

I am so happy you are having fun reconnecting with old friends!!

you look GREAT in that car!

Mari said...

What fun! I love that stairs to nowhere. Glad you explained it, because it would have stumped me!

skoots1mom said...

that car's your color!!

RaD said...

I was missing pictures the last few weeks too so don't feel bad. That car is totally you!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Love both parts of your "adventures"! Glad you are enjoying yourself and getting to reconnect with what look like so many wonderful people!

rita said...

Great pic of you in the aqua carriage. And great narrative of the week. I like P 365 'cause we are OK picking up wherever and encouraged to keep on keeping on.
Yes, we spent some 15 to 20 minutes in the yarn store. She has an insanely huge inventory and will still be open for a couple months. I may have a list of specific requests for you to pick up for me. I didn't have my patterns and wish list with me so bought little. It was rather overwhelming. I'd never seen such a variety.
Looking forward to your next visit!

The Bug said...

Love the car! When I was little my folks had a Chevy II that was almost that color...

Glad you're settling in - sounds like you'll be pretty busy. Can't wait to see pics of the house!


I love old cars. We had a 56 and 57 chevy at one time....and a Chevelle SS 396 too.

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