Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Meanderings

We didn't get home until about 9 pm last night and I was just too tired to get a Project 365 post up... decided it could wait and I'll just do two weeks of photos next Saturday.

I think all the traveling has caught up with us. We've been back and forth between Michigan and Indiana constantly for the past month. We thought we'd have to return to Indy tomorrow to have them remove the trial doo-hickey (that is totally a technical term) but the lady from Medtronics was able to walk Ivan through how to do it via a phone call. So now I think we may stay put in Michigan this week. It would be nice to have time to get caught up on paperwork before the crazy begins all over again next week.

And I wouldn't mind a few siestas either :)

We are thoroughly enjoying the lovely, DRY weather. I think rain is in the forecast for later in the week, but meanwhile we revel in the sunshine. I noticed yesterday the 'miniature' lilacs we planted at the parsonage are in bloom (they always bloom later than the others) and I received permission from the current occupant to pick some to enjoy. They have the most heavenly, intense scent -- much stronger than the other lilac bushes -- and they have really pale lavender (almost-but-not-quite white) flowers.

Ivan got in some strenuous physical activity this morning and early afternoon, helping a friend chop and load wood. I'm pretty sure he lost a few pounds in sweat :) My most strenuous activity was trying to find my way around the local Walmart and I'm sure I walked an extra mile or two  several hundred yards  few feet, back-tracking because the store is laid out so differently than the Walmart back in Cordoba. Sure would be nice to have a Meijers closer than Jackson; I like their variety and quality of produce a lot more. Pero es lo que hay.

The trial period showed I respond well to the treatment so I'm scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, June 14th. Really excited about that!

I'm in the living room and can smell the lilacs in the other room. Mmmmmmm

A brief stop at a Goodwill the other day netted me three bright orange Tupperware canisters I can use now AND take back to Argentina for the house in Sta. Rosa.
I like the retro look and appreciate the pop of color they lend to a room, to say nothing of the great $5 price tag for all three.

At another Goodwill (in a different town) I found an incomplete set of melamine dishes in a very retro avocado green (although the plates have a white daisy pattern on the green background). Not the prettiest, but very serviceable and they'll be great for the casita. I know I have mentioned how ceramic tile is DEATH to anything glass, even Corelle ware.

One of the things I'd like to do this week is watch "The King's Speech". I've heard so many good comments, making it the one movie I know I want to see. Any other recommendations? Remember that we've seen very few in the past three years (the only two I can think of are "Julie and Julia" and "UP").

I'm really, REALLY, REALLY enjoying the public library :) I've read a few mysteries and have started a Maeve Binchey novel as well as Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity" and a book that caught my eye because of the title: "Menopause Reset!" What are you reading this summer?

This post has meandered all over the place and I could keep going, but will stop and either (a) bake cookies, (b) start sorting receipts for the ministry expense report or (c) take a siesta. Which do you think I'll end up doing? :)


Mari said...

You are doing good! I had those Tupperware canisters when I was first married. They are a nice retro look and work great too.
I want to see The Kings Speech also - I've heard it's really good.

junglewife said...

It's fun to read your posts about our old "neck of the woods". We were in South Bend area... :-)

I love the Tupperware! I have a set just like that but the avocado green color - love 'em! :-)

sara said...

oh the King's speech is SO good!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

what surgery are you having?

Oldfangled said...

Check out my blog this week, Kim. I've got three book reviews going up (today, Thursday, and Friday.) Also, we just watched an oldie -- Rear Window. It's a good one that I'd never seen before. I think I might go on a Hitchcock streak. 12 Angry Men is also an oldie but a goodie. You were probably looking for more recent films, though. I can't help you much with those. The last one we saw was The King's Speech (recommend), and before that I think it was Star Trek. Yes, that long ago.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I have some Tupperware canisters just like that only mine are bright yellow!!!

I just finished a very funny, light book about small town like "Standing in the Rainbow" by Fanny Flagg. Loved it. It was a look into the family and there extended friend in a small town, very funny, very sweet, very light. I read it while I was on vacation. I did not want something that would be to intense or difficult to put down. This book totally fit the bill!

Loved it!

I vote for the cookies or the nap!


The Bug said...

Oh I love Maeve Binchy - she's such a good character writer.

What surgery? Now I have to go read some past posts to see what I missed :)

I'm guessing you took a siesta!

Kyle said...

Mom used to have an entire canister set of those bright orange tupperware! :-D Reminds me of being a kid. Brown sugar, rice, raisins are what she kept in them :)