Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project 365, Weeks 23 & 24

Many are already aware that Mike and Rita's house burned yesterday; Rita shares their story on her blog today. Please continue to pray for them.

As has been the case too often of late, I am again posting two-weeks-in-one for Project 365. And with all the weekend traveling we'll be doing in the coming months, this is likely to continue happening unless I get on the ball and start posting on Fridays.

Memorial Day found us at one of our favorite places: Wally and Katie's front porch.
We enjoyed a fabulous brunch and went back later in the day for barbecue. Despite not having power for about 24 hours, they were welcoming and gracious as always.

Ivan's mom really enjoys playing "Words With Friends" on her iPad. She always has a number games ongoing with various children and grandchildren. While we were there a few days, she and Ivan played a few rounds. Ivan totally creamed her in one game, by scoring words like this one:
The very next round he scored a word worth over 60 points. But mom doesn't get too discouraged and just challenges him to another game!

Near my BIL's shop there's a car wash with this interesting side business:
Ever seen anything like this before? Cracked me up the first time I saw it :)

We stayed with Mike and Rita the night before I went in for the trial treatment. I don't know what was making Ivan laugh so hard, but it might have been one of his puns (he loves 'em!).
In looking at this photo I see things that have value; some monetary but even more that have sentimental value. I'm praying they are able to salvage the things most precious to them.

After going to the doctor's office, I had to go over to St. Vincent's for my pre-op interview. In the lobby were these gorgeous art quilts hanging above the information desk.

The trial treatment consisted of temporary wires being inserted into my back that touched the nerve which communicates between my brain and my bladder.
The wires you see were connected to an external battery pack that clipped to my waistband. My surgery this coming Tuesday will involve the permanent implantation of wires and a small battery into my back. I'll have a remote device to control the battery. Isn't it amazing what they can do these days?! Although Interstim was designed primarily for those suffering from overactive bladder, it has also proven effective to treat those with my condition: painful bladder syndrome.

On a walk we passed this sign. Can you spot the mistakes?
We're guessing that English is not their first language.

Last Sunday we presented our ministry at a supporting church in Charlotte, Michigan, but we spent the whole weekend with dear friends there. Saturday they took us over to Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful day!
He's one of the associate pastors at the church, but we've known them since he pastored the very first church we went to when we started deputation...waaaaay back in 2004.

Monday I decided to make granola. I had too much fun going to the local health food store and getting a variety of grains to use (in Argentina I can only find oatmeal) BUT I learned the hard way that some things are best NOT added to the mixture... wheat berries. Those puppies are so hard you could break a tooth on them!

I'm missing a couple days when I had a migraine and didn't do anything beyond what was necessary.

Thursday we were able to connect with old friends from our homeschooling days. Erv and Sally are also missionaries now, serving in Guatemala so it was a HUGE treat to find out they were in town.
We had a fact, we talked until about 3:30 a.m.!  If you know me, you know I like to talk, and so does Sally :)  It wasn't only catching up on each other's lives, but also sharing about our ministries... it's hard to explain but there's just a special connection with other missionaries -- we understand what they're going through and vice-versa. They head back to Guatemala on Tuesday and who knows if we'll manage to be back in Hillsdale County at the same time in the future? We're just thankful we were able to get together this time!

I promised photos of the house we're staying in. Once again, I just have to say how GRATEFUL we are that God provided so abundantly through His people! Mike and Jami worked long and hard to get the house ready for us, and folks from church stepped up to help with furniture, appliances, etc. We did nothing except unpack our suitcases.

Anyway, here's a picture of the living room taken by the front door (the sofa folds out into a queen-size bed when we have guests):
Right by the front door I've placed this lovely aqua vase I found at Goodwill for $6. It stands about 16" high and I snitched some straw thingies that Tina left in her old apartment to put in it.
And from the other corner of the living room, you can see right into the kitchen:
You saw the dining part of the kitchen in the photo with Erv and Sally, but here's a close-up of the kitchen work area:
The house has three bedrooms. The first has a twin bed and will be great when we have just one person visiting:
The middle room is serving as a study right now (and a catch-all for things we'll be taking back to Argentina):
It's hard to tell by the picture, but our room has luscious chocolate brown walls and shimmery gold curtains that look lovely with the bedding:
(Ignore the messy side tables.)
And we've heard the bathroom transformation is quite amazing. I'm hoping Jami will show me the "before" pictures sometime, but here's the lovely after:
So there you have it, a tour of our home-until-November. And may I just say, one of the best things about it? IT HAS CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING!!! This is the first time since 1997 that we've had a.c. and I am REVELING in it :)


Cristina said...

What's with dads glowing shirt in 2 photos?!

Kim said...

LOL, that was a freebie from Greg M. He actually picked up enough for a soccer team. hahaha They'll definitely help our boys stand out!

Mari said...

When you are traveling like this you're excused for missing a week!
I enjoyed the pictures. Those quilts were beautiful. Your house is very nice too, and having air conditioning is wonderful. I'm off to visit Rita.

Betty said...

I´m so glad you have AC! That must be such a treat. Your house is lovely, where you live. I´m sure it helped to feel right at home.
I love that you have such a big window in the kitchen.
Loved the pictures and I can tell you are busy. Good luck with that operation next week. I hope it gives you the relief you need.

skoots1mom said...

didn't they do a great job getting the house ready for you...and so much room, and AIR! Don't you just want to stay this side of the Equator so we can visit MORE often ;)
bet your granola was great...i like to mix pepitos, sunflower seeds and dried mango.
we're sweltering in the 90's but very thankful to have gotten thunderstorms yesterday and today...our lawn was already turning brown and it's not even the middle of june yet...
great pics...still praying for Rita and family

sara said...

praying for Mike and Rita!!!

I know what you mean about having a special connection with other missionaries...I feel the same way about other pastor's wives.

what a blessing in that house! It looks wonderful!!!

LuAnn said...

I have also been praying for Mike and Rita.

Your house - beautiful and love the quilts.

debi9kids said...

Just heard about Mike & Rita's fire. Will be keeping them in my prayers...

Wat a fun game for the iPad. I had never heard of that one. (we JUST got an iPad for our autistic son...)

LOL about the sign and the dog wash. (nope, never seen that one before either!)

RaD said...

The house looks beautiful. The Laundromutt cracked me up too. And no, I don't suppose the people who put up that other sign speak English very well. I thought maybe they ran out of letters to begin with but on second glance I sided with you.

The Bug said...

Forget errors - I couldn't even figure out what the sign was saying! Love the Laundromutt - I have seen those before. I'll bet they're great for people who live in apartments with bigger dogs.

Oldfangled said...

I think the Pet Wash is a great idea! I have to wash our dogs in the driveway with the garden hose. As The Bug says, a Pet Wash would be great for an apartment dweller.

I'm excited to see you tonight! (:

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Words With Friends IS fun. But, golly, I must say I've never seen a score that high!! I'm still trying to figure out HOW he managed that with the word "jute."

Laundr-o-Mutt. Ha! Very cute. And what a good use of a car wash that went out of business! That's one clever entrepreneur.

Oh, no! You put WHEAT BERRIES in?! Yipes! I make granola (LOVE it!!!) according to the recipe at Passionate Homemaking. (Well, sort of. I've made some modifications that make it cheaper and crispier.) Anyway, Google it. It's delish and way healthy, as the oats are soaked first.

Love your new home!

rita said...

I loved the photo of happy times with W & M, and the great food! And you, Kim, are very photogenic!
Your place looks a lot homier than when we visited, some very nice touches. Love the aqua vase!
Thank you ALL for your prayers.