Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

As I sit on the patio at Hebras Casa de Te, just outside Villa General Belgrano, I am thankful for many things. Like the gorgeous weather that allows us to sit outside (84 and sunny), the yummy peach, banana and basil smoothie I just finished drinking, the car that we drove to get here...
... and the time to just sit and relax.

You'd think relaxing is a fairly easy thing to do. But it's only today that we are beginning to relax, after being back in Argentina more than a week (and six days in Sta. Rosa).

I'm also thankful for the house here in Sta. Rosa. I'm sure when Ivan's dad and mom built it, they had no idea that some 40 years later, we'd be enjoying it as our favorite get-away spot. It's location two hours from where we live and work is ideal. And it's location in the country, four kilometers from Sta. Rosa is an added bonus. The peace and quiet of the country is broken only by the raucous cries of wild parrots who have built condos in our trees, and the occasional passing vehicle. Oh, and the bleating of sheep:
That's the view I had while hanging out clothes on the line today.

Yep, enjoying the country life, even if it means we have to drive into town every few days to find a place with wifi so we can get online.

We plan to talk to some neighbors down the road that run a small hostelería and have internet for their guests, and find out how they managed to get it where there are no phone lines. We met them while on a walk the other day, and they gave us their promotional postcard. They've cleared the land and built the place themselves, settling here after looking at various locations in Argentina. We look forward to hearing their story, and finding out how a Russian and a South African ended up in Argentina. Hopefully we'll be able to have merienda (afternoon tea) with them soon.

Anyway, all that to say that some day we hope to have internet at the house here in Sta. Rosa. It would make it easier for us to stay connected when we come out, and our many guests who use the house would also appreciate the convenience.

That's all for now. I want to get back to just relaxing on the patio here at Hebras.


Mari said...

Relaxing sounds good! I love the country and a view with sheep sounds good. I'm not sure about the parrots though. :)

rita said...

Yes, Santa Rosa--what a wonderful inheritance!

skoots1mom said...

love the sheep
and hope they have a way for you to set up the internet; that would be awesome.
It was in the 40's here today...starting to get that winter feel

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Sounds like...pure heaven!

Enjoy your relaxation!

Love the sheep.


Lhoyt said...

Probably the one place I miss most iin Argentina! Many people, but only a few places. Internet would be great, but how did we get along all those years w/o even a telephone?

Lhoyt said...

What kind of car did you get? Is it the one in the picture?