Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project 365, The "I've given up trying to keep track" Edition

I think technically we're at week 48, but I'm so behind that I quit using the week designation a long time ago! Today I have photos going back almost a month. I hereby promise to do better... NEXT YEAR! lol

I really can't promise to keep up this year since we still have some traveling ahead of us. Later today we head to Sta. Rosa! Woot! And we also have a week-long trip coming up in December because dear friends from the U.S. gave us a week at a time share so we'll be going to an RCI resort in Mina Clavero. Double Woot!

But I do promise to do the best I can and post Project 365 photos when possible.

Okay, these first two photos are from November 6th, which was supposed to be our last Sunday in the U.S. The ladies in my home church gave me a prayer shawl...
...and prayed over me.
I'm so thankful for these women who pray for me, encourage me, laugh with me, and teach me so much.

Now fast forward to last Sunday, November 20th. After church we wrangled a strong young man with a truck to help us transport the suitcases we were leaving (to come later with different groups) to another location. They'll be stored until the groups start coming -- hopefully next April!

No photos (with the camera) until we'd arrived in Argentina. [Note to self: Must figure out how to download photos from phone.] Our second day back we managed a walk around the neighborhood where we're staying. There's a nice little park nearby and an owl started fussing at us.
It did not move from that spot, even when we walked within three or four feet, but it sure did make a lot of noise! We wondered if there wasn't a nest in that hole it was guarding. And then we heard it in stereo, turned around and saw another owl up on this pole:
The sign combined with the owls' racket cracked us up!

I'm constantly learning, and while waiting for a taxi yesterday I saw this sign with a phrase that made no sense to me:
" pague derecho de piso"
Huh?! My literal word-for-word translation made me think "Don't pay for the right of the floor" (or something like that; remember my Spanish is rusty!). Like I said, it made no sense to me. So I asked Ivan. Well, to begin with "derecho de piso" refers to dues paid to join a club. And just as we say in the U.S. that someone has to "pay their dues" and we're not talking about a literal sum of money, in this case it's saying that when you invest in Carlos Paz, you don't have to "pay your dues", because you're immediately part of the "club". That's the gist of it anyway.

Yesterday evening I snapped this shot of downtown Cordoba:
We'd gone to Eduardo's apartment to deal with the paperwork involved in buying a car. He lives on the 8th/9th floors (it's a two-story apartment) on a street downtown. He has an absolutely lovely departamento -- which he owns, so I guess in the states we'd call it a condo. This shot was taken from the balcony on the 10th floor, which houses the common area, including a pool and deck, a quincho (area with parrilla and tables), and a small kitchenette. Eduardo also rents a double garage space several blocks away where he has set up a very nice space to work on his vehicles. Super organized and neat, which are good qualities in a doctor! 

A funny side to this story: we bought our first car from Eduardo too! He sold us the Fiat Uno back in 2008, and we've kept in touch via e-mail and facebook ever since. When he learned we needed to buy another car, this time one with power steering, he wrote and said his sister was ready to sell a car that had everything on our "wish list". A flurry of messages back and forth culminated in us buying the car yesterday! More on that later -- it's quite the experience buying a car in Argentina :)

Now, it's time for me to start packing and getting organized myself, for a trip to Sta. Rosa! Hasta luego, mis amigos!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great picture of receiving the prayer shawl.........

I know you are itching to get back home:)


We had a good turkey day here, trying to get new computers up and running here, new laptop and new desktop so I am feeling the pain of not being able to access my files as redial as I did before. I am getting all my digital ducks in a row today transferring from the old to the new can be a will be good to get it all done:)


skoots1mom said...

neat pictures...
beautifully done prayer shawl

love the owls...what beautiful eyes they have....the better to see you, hahahah!

hasta luego...have a wonderful trip!
so glad you are there safely ;)

rita said...

Have fun in SR!!!
Such happy memories of our time together there in 96/97!

The Bug said...

That's a lovely prayer shawl - it's nice that they prayed over you.

Love the owls - very funny!

Can't wait to hear about the car purchase - and picture please!