Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Meanderings

It's been a while since I've done one of these. Since my internal clock hasn't adjusted to the time change yet, I'm up earlier than I need to be and decided to use the time to write a post. [I started to say a "quick" post, but who knows if it will be quick or not?]

This was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, both in terms of weather and activity. Kyle and Tina came up Saturday afternoon and spent time with us. We so enjoyed our time together! Ivan finally started feeling better (still weak, though) so we were able to go on a walk yesterday afternoon before they headed back to Indiana. I love walking through crunchy leaves, don't you?! And we have plenty of those around. Tina was having fun with her new camera (Canon Rebel) and took this shot of us:

The ladies at church gave me with a prayer shawl yesterday! I'll share photos in the next Project 365 post. What a wonderful group of friends. We are so blessed with an amazing church family.

I made scalloped potatoes for lunch yesterday and used the only cheeses I had on hand: Parmesan and sharp white Cheddar. Oh. My. Word. I may never go back to my old recipe again :) Seriously some of the best potatoes I've ever made.

My brother is stopping by for breakfast this morning. He's on his way to Ann Arbor where he hopes to be admitted into an experimental program for those with serious lung issues.

Later on I'm getting together with friends. I'm not sure what projects they'll be working on, but I'm going to put together a few felt poinsettia kits (using the tutorial from Censational Girl). I thought these would be easy for kids to do, and would make a cute gift.

I spent some time packing on Saturday. I'm really not that sore from the biopsy. My goal is to finish packing by the end of the week. Which would leave our last week free to spend time with people -- for the most part, aside from Ivan's various doctor appointments. And possibly mine; I don't know when my follow-up will be with the surgeon.

Lord willing we will be on the plane November 21st, heading home! That's when Ivan was able to re-schedule our flight, and as long as all test results come back okay, we are outta here.

We're both really sad that we're missing two weeks in Sta. Rosa, but thankful for the Lord's provision for great medical care. Say what you will about health care here in the U.S., it is still THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Amen.

I spent way too much time on Pinterest the last few days. Mild discomfort from surgery and insomnia combined to create optimum Pinterest viewing opportunities. I now know that you can spritz your windshield with a combo of three parts vinegar/one part water at night and you won't have frost on your windshield in the morning. And that there are a gazillion decorative uses for old maps. To say nothing of all the lovely blue and turquoise rooms that are to be found on the great world wide web.

I've also started playing Words With Friends on facebook again. After so much traveling without internet, all the games I had going automatically ended (does anyone know the time limit on inactive games?), so I had to start new ones. Actually I'd completely forgotten about Words With Friends until my daughter started a game with me last week. Then I was all like, "Oh yeah, I can play again, now that I have internet!"

When I get done with this post I'm going to see if it's my turn on any of the games. I can't start breakfast for another hour or more, and I'm trying to be quiet so I don't wake Ivan. So Pinterest and Words With Friends are my great time wasters. What are yours?


Mari said...

That's a great picture of the two of you. Glad you are feeling better and now we pray for good results for the both of you.
I love Pinterest and spent far too much time on it last night!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love words with friends....Susan beat's me every time:)I think it might be your move:)

I don;t know how much longer i can avoid Pintrest.......I may just have to check it out....

Still praying for good results!


The Bug said...

Well now I'm going to have to friend you on FB just so we can play Words with Friends :)

Love that picture of the two of you. I'll keep praying.

Betty said...

Yah! Another friend who plays WwF! Love it too. I´ll be starting a game with you soon.
I´m glad you and Ivan are feeling better and hope all the results will come back clean.

rita said...

Mike and I are now addicted to Words with Friends, as time-fillers, fun distractions. We only play on our cell phones. We take our phones upstairs when we go to bed, plug them in and do a play a couple of games before falling asleep. Our unwinding-type entertainment has changed considerable during this interim phase with no TV access.

Hmmm.... maybe I should look at Pinterest for ideas for our new house.