Saturday, November 19, 2011


No, we're not home yet. But I've had to unpack some things in order to make room for others. It wasn't easy but it was necessary. Probably a good thing we took all the excess luggage to Goodwill yesterday so we weren't tempted to add another suitcase :)

Aside from the angst of letting go of some things I wanted to take, it's been a really good day. Our kids and their spouses came up and we enjoyed lunch, a play at the college and then supper together. Our son and his wife bequeathed us their iPhones since they just upgraded and I'm pretty pumped about that :) I've been too busy all day to even stop and play with mine yet, but the kids have been giving Ivan some lessons so he can, in turn, teach me.

Even more fun was the wedding 'album' they gave us! They've been married four years, but just now put together a wedding book (via Mixbook) and it was so fun to flip through the pages and remember their special day.

Kyle and Tina brought their little trailer up to hold all our luggage. We're personally taking back six suitcases plus two carry-ons, my large 'travel' purse and Ivan's backpack. I have packed the luggage we'll check through within ounces of the 50 lb. weight limit -- three are actually a few ounces over the limit but we're praying for grace on the part of the airlines :) What's kinda weird is that three weigh exactly the same, and two weigh the same. The sixth I'm not sure about because we took it down last weekend and left it at their house.

It will be interesting to see what happens when we get back into Argentina. My VISA ran out while we were gone, and after a number of phone calls with the consulate in Chicago, they advised us to just buy a tourist VISA as we enter the country. Then we can apply for my permanent residency -- which is what we planned to do this year anyway.

We spent the morning cleaning and unpacking/packing, and have just the living room and kitchen left to work on this evening. Tomorrow afternoon we'll finish loading the carry-ons and head back to Indiana with Kyle and Tina. Early Monday morning they'll take us to the airport. I've re-loaded some books on my Kindle and have one paperback as well. Ivan has a Sudoku book to work on. Since our layover in Miami is only three hours (and part of that will be spent getting our luggage, then re-checking it with the other airline) and most of our air travel will be overnight, I don't see us needing more than that.

Our co-workers are picking us up at the airport. The plan is to spend a day or two in Carlos Paz to get some things taken care of, before heading to Sta. Rosa for a little vacation. I pretty much plan to sleep, read, sleep, eat, and sleep while we're there :)  And take plenty of walks! It's supposed to be quite nice, up in the 80s during the day and down in the high 50s or 60s at night. I can hardly wait!

I may not be around much for the next couple of weeks. We don't have internet in Sta. Rosa (unless we go to the tea shop). But when I can, I'll be around to visit your blogs. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hasta luego!


Mari said...

I hope your trip back goes well and you enjoy your time at Sta Rosa! Enjoy the warm temps!

skoots1mom said...

praying you up as you travel; for suitcase mercies; for rest when you're back home; and ease of getting your visa handled...:)
Happy T'day to ya'll, too!

sara said...

I am praying for you too as you travel and will be praying that you are able to truly rest and rejuvenate in Sta. Rosa.

At least post long enough for us to know you got there safe and sound!!!

The Bug said...

Ooh you're already on your way - I wish you well! "See" you when you get a chance to check in.