Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pinterest Fun

Pinterest -- and my obsession with home decor and DIY  -- has led me to some really fun sites...

Like I love the idea of making quiet books as gifts, maybe to go along with the baby quilts :) And this blog has tons of ideas and inspiration. Besides her own projects, she shares links to other bloggers who are doing fun things with quiet books...

Like the group project on Jacki Daley's blog, The Daley News. Oh.My.Word. These women are beyond creative! Here are a few of my favorites pages:

And then there's the home decor projects that catch my eye. Like this wall art featuring adorable fabric yo-yos on painted canvas.
Isn't that gorgeous? It's actually from the Better Homes & Gardens site. Definitely going to be one of my first Pinterest projects when we get home!

I'm also slightly seriously obsessed with items incorporating maps. Here are just a few of the ones I've pinned:
Dresser from Domestic Ease.
Chair courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
How cute is this wall art?!
Totally love this rose made out of a map. 
Finally, letters covered with maps from Callaloo Soup.

It's not possible to make everything that catches my eye on Pinterest, but it's certainly giving me lots of inspiration... for home decor, recipes, gift ideas, sewing projects, and more. There are a bunch of Pinterest challenges going on, as ladies get serious about doing more than just pinning pretty pictures. I'm just so impressed by all the creativity, and the sheer volume of projects being completed. What have you made that you found on Pinterest?


skoots1mom said...

i've made some 'folded' paper flowers...made from 3x3 post it notes...origami-ish.
I'm eager to make several knitting projects

Mari said...

I love Pinterest, but find I mostly just collect ideas and don't follow through! I have made some of the recipes though.

SusanD said...

Super cute ideas. I'm completely addicted to Pinterest! Most of my pins are centered on photography, clothes, and food. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

The Bug said...

Those are all great ideas. I love those soft books - and the map art. I have a neighbor who makes blankets with those granny squares (except they're round) - that would be a cool way to display those instead of making a blanket with them.