Saturday, January 14, 2012

Asado y Arquitecto

So today our architect and his family came over for lunch and Ivan made an asado. We had a lot of questions (mostly technical in nature) and I was ready with what was probably the 1,357th floor plan I've drawn in the past year or so.

What can I say? Drawing floor plans is addictive.

It was a very productive "working lunch" and it's pretty safe to say we're ├╝ber excited! Roberto liked the floor plan and had some excellent suggestions that will be easy to implement in the final design. He took both the floor plan and the site plan we'd created and he'll prepare the professional drawings from those.

Here's the floor plan after he'd gotten done scratching down his ideas:
I know it's hard to tell what we'll end up with from just this photo, but I can already "see" our house in my mind. {doing the happy dance}

Mari, Roberto's wife, has offered to drive down Friday mornings and help me practice my Spanish (and she'll practice her English). I gladly accepted the offer since I need all the help I can get! It's crazy how much I forgot after being away just six months :(

Mari has summers off because she's a teacher. The church they attend built a school in an area that might be called "economically challenged". They wanted to provide a quality education for those who wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise, so the vast majority of students attend on a scholarship.

By the way, I've posted week 2 of Project 365 on my other blog. Included is a photo of Roberto and Mari's daughter who is an absolute cutie.


Mari said...

I can't tell anything from the drawing, cause I'm no good at "seeing" things like that, but I'm glad you're happy with the plans! You're making progress!

The Bug said...

I'm happy for you! Like Mari, I can't really see it, but you're happy so I'm happy. Ha!

skoots1mom said...

is the top left the bathroom, and far right the kitchen...with living area below...and your lockable storage to the far left? Eager to see it coming into excited for you both!

YsImEPaRtEunRAYo- said...

Lo bueno de ver solamente los dibujos es que poder dejar volar tu imaginaci├│n!Me alegro que estes feliz por lo que van logrando...espero que entiendas este mensaje sin tener que buscar traductor!un beso

Lhoyt said...
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Lhoyt said...

It took me a while to figure out that your friend above was afraid of lightning. Anyway, whoever she is, she has a good grasp of Spanish.
Mother and Dad made a wonderful architectural team, because Mother could see the picture, and Dad could execute it.
How I wish I could partake of one of Ivan's asados. All of us boys were pretty decent at it, but Ivan is an "asador 'par excellance'".

Lhoyt said...

The eliminated comment was the same as the one below it. Don't know how it got duplicated.