Friday, January 13, 2012

Musical Trash

I found this news article interesting, and thought I'd share the accompanying video with you. It all started with a strategy session at the Taiwanese EPA. Someone with the ability to think outside the box came up with this idea: In an effort to keep garbage from collecting curb-side, stinking up the place AND attracting critters, they encourage people to wait until they hear the music before taking out the trash. And in the process they made one of life's LITTLE chores a LOT more enjoyable.

Now I call that some creative problem-solving!


Mari said...

Great idea!

The Bug said...

But, but, we're never home by the time they pick up our trash!

Also, it looks like the people are actually doing the job of tossing their trash - I think the dude who rides the back of the truck came up with the idea. Ha!

rita said...

That would be quite a hustle from our house back in the woods, if we even heard the music ;)

Lhoyt said...

If I heard something like that, it would conjure up one of three ideas: 1) ice cream cones, 2) knife sharpener, or 3) circus. The picture would have to explain it. I guess it is a cultural adjustment I would have to make, and a pleasant one at that.