Friday, June 1, 2012

Izaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Have y'all seen this video? Too sweet for words, and I had to share it with you!
I wonder how long they practiced? 'Cause they did a bang up job, don't you think?!

Have  great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I posted this same video yesterday because I loved it so much!

The engaged couple was on CBS This Morning, and said the folks in the video only held one practice--believe it or not!

Mari said...

Too funny - I posted this same thing last night. :)
I thought it was great!

Cristina said...

I just love it so much! Kyle came home to me watching it and crying yesterday, and I just made him watch it and I cried again, sooo sweeet!

skoots1mom said...

wow...that was phenomenal!