Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running Behind

I'm running behind on my first quilt along.

Here's the schedule:

  • april 24: choosing your fabric
  • may 8: making templates and cutting your fabric
  • may 22: laying out your quilt and sewing
  • june 5: quilting
  • june 12: wrapping it all up and then the party begins…linky party that is…
  • june 26: submissions are due for the grand prizes!
Add a week to each date, and that's where I've been in the process. At least I'm consistent!

I think maybe choosing to do a quilt along when I knew we'd be having lots of company wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done.

But I'm going to keep plugging along, even if I'm not far enough along to participate in the "show and tell" segment in mid June. When I finally do get finished, I'll still have a nice wall quilt for our new home.

Yesterday I finished cutting out the last few pieces and tomorrow while my friend Katie is here, I'm going to have her help me lay them out and figure out the best possible design. I've discovered that sometimes I "can't see the forest for the trees" at this point in a project, and it's really helpful to have a fresh set of eyes. To that end I had Ivan set up a second 6' folding table in the dining room. Not sure even two tables will be big enough, but if it's not, then Katie and I can grab a third one. It's times like this when I realize I'm REALLY looking forward to having a design wall in our new house! Even though my craft "room" is going to be pretty small, I'll finally have wall space to put one. Meanwhile the tables will have to do.

If you're interested in seeing what others in the quilt along area creating, you can go to the flickr group page. Lots of beautiful quilts are being made! And it's fun to see how the same pattern can look so different, depending on the colors used. I'm intrigued by the one done mostly in grays with a pop of orange/yellow.

I'm planning to do mine in a rainbow (ROYGBIV) design, starting in the center with red and then moving out to deep purple on the edges. But no guarantees :)  Who knows what I'll end up with once Katie and I are done?!


Anonymous said...

That's exciting! I don't think I would be able to keep up with a particular schedule either in my crafting. I just knit when I get the whim, which sometimes is daily and other times is a couple of times a month. I'm not very consistent and I wouldn't like the pressure. I think, though, it would be really fun to feel like you're doing it along with other people, even if it is remotely.

Mari said...

The quilts are looking great! I think that cat likes them too!