Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 7: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

This past week was a tough one, and my heart just wasn't in taking photos, hence the scarcity in this post. Es lo que hay.

Tuesday, February 10

Florencia has been cutting our hair ever since we moved to Argentina, first in her home on days off from the salon where she worked in Cordoba, and for the past few years in her own shop right here in Carlos Paz.
We always enjoy catching up; we met her parents way back when we visited Argentina in 2007. We've been included in their family get-togethers ever since we moved here, from parties on Friends Day to birthday celebrations to Christmas Eve dinners, and have gotten to know all the kids, their spouses and children as well as in-laws. 

Saturday, February 14

Ivan bought peaches yesterday, then peeled and chopped them so they were all ready to top the pancakes I made for breakfast this morning.
I use the same recipe as before, substituting rice flour and a pinch of xanthan gum in place of the regular flour. We really like these pancakes because they're very fluffy. And the recipe couldn't be simpler: Mix 3/4 cup plain yogurt with an egg, add scant 1/2 cup flour and 1 teaspoon baking soda. It makes just enough for the two of us.

Tuesday, February 17

Our new area director and his wife were with us today and we had a good time getting to know them. Dave and Joy are very gracious and encouraging people.
Ivan spent some time making a few phones calls and looking up bus schedules on the computer.
He was able to get everything lined up for them to travel by bus from Cordoba to Buenos Aires later in the week, then take the ferry across to Uruguay next week (for our annual missionary conference).

(Notice those books on the table in the foreground? Those are photo books of my grandbabies! So excited to get them, and in the past day have looked at them a time or fourteen ;)


Speaking of conference, we'll be in Uruguay all next week and I may not have a chance to post the weekly P365 photos. We are supposed to have internet at the hotel; I'm just not sure I'll be able to carve out a block of time to do the post. If not, I'll be back the following week.


The Bug said...

Sorry you had a rough week! Hope your time away is both restful & rejuvenating.

Those pancakes look fabulous!

rita said...

Such a neat story about the relationship with Florencia and family. Would I know any of them?
So grateful for the encouragement you received from D & J. May it continue and multiply as you meet with all the workers gathered at conference.