Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weeks 8 & 9: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Thursday, February 19

I've mentioned we're having a much milder summer due to all the rain. This morning it was a brisk 60 degrees inside!

Sunday, February 22

I rarely take my camera to church, but decided to this morning. I took a lot of photos but this is my favorite:
I think I like it so much because this grandma radiates joy being with her granddaughter. I feel this way about my grandkids too!

Monday, February 23

We pulled out of the driveway at 7:05 a.m. Just outside San Francisco (Argentina), we stopped for a picnic lunch at a small airfield. This was the second time we've done that on the way to conference, so one more time and it becomes a tradition, right? No idea where we were when we stopped for our second picnic late in the day. We'd been traveling hours and hours by then; I just know I was more than ready for a break from sitting in the car! Ivan drove the whole way, so I'm sure he was just as ready to stretch his legs, too.

As usual I packed too much food. I'd turned the meat from a whole chicken into chicken salad, which we ate wrapped in lettuce leaves, and we also had picada (ham, cheese, olives), with GF cheesy biscuits, and GF brownies for dessert. (The brownies were my treat all week, since the only dessert I could eat off the buffet was the fruit salad, and half the time it was all gone before I got to it. I averted my eyes while walking by the cakes and pies and other yummies.)

After traveling 14-1/2 hours, we arrived at the hotel where conference is being held this year. A bed never looked so good!

Tuesday, February 24

Here's a picture of one side of the buffet with a wide variety of salads and cold or room temperature vegetables.  (The other side was filled with desserts.)
I pretty much ate off this the whole time, since they only had meat I could eat three times the whole week. The rest of the time they offered breaded meats and one time a shepherd's pie (gravy made with a flour roux). Mostly I just ate the roasted vegetables and simple marinated salads (mushrooms and carrots, cabbage, eggplant, etc.). I tried to be careful, but it was really hard since I didn't know what all they put into the salads and vegetables. As it turns out, pretty sure some of it had gluten. After a month of being migraine-free, the headaches have returned, and so has the psoriasis on my feet. Majorly bummed. A lesson in how careful I'm going to have to be when traveling or eating anywhere outside our home.

Wednesday, February 25

I didn't take many photos at the ladies tea, and none of them were great. I do like this one I'm sharing because it shows the pretty table -- and one of the other women being silly. We do like to have fun!

Thursday, February 26

Each afternoon the staff would set up coffee, tea and juice in the dining area.

Friday, February 27

We always take a group photo at the end of conference. This year one of the staff at the front desk used our camera and took photos from the balcony overlooking the lobby. This is everyone, including the team from Hawaii that came to take care of the kids, and the speaker and his wife.

I failed to take any photos on the way back to Argentina on Saturday. It was a really long day. The driver's side window got stuck half-way down so Ivan had to take time out to stop and maneuver it back up. Good thing, too! We were then able to run the air conditioning while it was really hot, and it kept out the driving rain when a storm hit later in the day (it rained the last six hours of the trip). He just couldn't roll it down for tolls. I thought we were all done with auto repairs, but I guess not! 

I'm sorta kinda recovered from the trip. Depending on where conference is next year, we might look into what it would cost to fly instead of drive.


Mari said...

I was wondering how you were doing with the GF thing. Sounds like it's really making a difference, but I can see it's so hard to follow, especially away from home. I enjoyed your pictures. Looks like a fun, productive time!

rita said...

What a long drive. Loved the group pic. Found you right away. Interested in hearing more about conference some time.
Surprised about psoriasis resulting from celiac.
I've been seeing news of flood disasters. Any near you?
In MI at a Perspectives course right now. Have you heard of this or taken it yourselves?

The Bug said...

I found you right away too (I admit, I saw Ivan first & then figured you were the one he had his arm around - ha!).

That's scary that your symptoms returned just like that from eating things that APPEARED to be gluten free - that means just a small amount of gluten really affects you. Yikes! And I guess it was even more validation of the need for you to be on this GF journey...