Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 10: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Wednesday, March 4

Ivan picked two roses and put them on the shelf opposite the loveseat so I can enjoy them while working on the computer.
Some of my treasures are displayed on this shelf. I managed to cut off half of the frog that Tina painted when she was 9 or so. The picture is lovely on it's own, but it also reminds me of the wonderful time we had with friends in northern Michigan where Tina learned new watercolor techniques. Next to that is one of the prints I bought in Ireland. I absolutely love thatch-roofed cottages, and the yellow ones make my heart go pitter-patter so when I saw this print I had to get it.
In front of those, in a metal "bowl" I picked up for 99 cents and spray painted aqua, is a blue hand blown glass paperweight (also picked up in Ireland) and a lovely striated glass orb given to me by Mari at My Little Corner of the World (isn't it gorgeous? It's supposed to go outside, but for now it brings me a lot of joy on the shelf).
Two of my Jan Karon books form a little pedestal for a beautiful bowl made by my BIL, Mike. Somewhat hidden by the vase of roses is a green pillar candle. Do you get the idea I really like blue and green?
What you don't see is the other half of the shelf with another watercolor print, a metal pitcher and a tall Alice blue glass vase. Our casita may be tiny, and we try to keep clutter to a minimum, but I so enjoy having pretty things to look at!

Thursday, March 5

Today was our big once-a-month shopping trip to Cordoba, and I was especially happy to (finally!) find a GF mustard at one of our stops.

Friday, March 6

Ivan spent a couple hours mid-day helping a friend while I watched the kids and made lunch. They had so much fun using dominoes to create towers.
The guys were pretty hungry by the time they were finished and more than ready for a late lunch while the kids moved on to playing Pick Up Sticks. (Anyone remember that game?)


Saturday, March 7

Good friends from Buenos Aires were in the area and spent the day with us. Ivan and Ricardo went to church together back when they were in junior high!
Ricardo and Graciela were some of the first people I met when we visited Argentina back in 1996.

Sunday, March 8

Have I ever shared a photo of the church we attend? I can't remember if I have or not. Anyway, here's a picture of the front.
It occupies two storefronts that were combined, and when we're having services the metal shutter on the left is rolled up, exposing a large picture window and the door. The other shutter is kept permanently closed (just solid wall behind it).

Monday, March 9

This is a screen shot of Tina's status on Monday, the fifth anniversary of her first date with Kyle.
We're all happy that he was right about her being "the one"!

Tuesday, March10

Normally Ivan has a men's Bible study on Tuesday nights and he spends some time during the day finishing up the lesson while sipping yerba máte (herb tea customarily served in a gourd shaped cup).
But the Bible study was rescheduled for Wednesday after we received word that our friend Julio had passed away. We went to the viewing at the funeral home in the afternoon and spent time with the family. Even though Julio has been quite ill since the end of last year, his death was still hard on everyone, especially his granddaughters.

Wednesday, March 11

This was my first funeral and I don't know if they all follow the same formula. There was no service at the funeral home, but Magdalena had asked Ivan to share briefly at the graveside service. Afterward everyone remained while the casket was lowered into the ground and three cemetery workers quickly filled the hole (seriously, it took less than 5 minutes; those guys are fast!). And that was it.
It was my first time in a cemetery here, and I was surprised to find that in addition to the regular grave sites, they have what -- at first glance -- appears to be small developments of tiny houses, but are really graves.
Each one was very different from the next and the next...
I am intrigued and plan to ask my friend Marcela about them. Or maybe Rita or Lynn could fill me in on the history of this type of grave?


rita said...

Love the shelf with all the pretties!
I enjoyed every photo and narrative.
Just wish I could share a mate with y'all.
Such a privilege for Ivan to share at Julio's funeral. How did it go?
I do not know anything about those cemetery 'casitas', like for entire families maybe?

The Bug said...

I'm terrible at pick-up-sticks - it takes such precision!

I'm glad you found a mustard you can eat. I think of you pretty much when I eat anything (no, Kim couldn't eat this, or this, or this...). :(

So sorry for your loss. I remember reading about hi on your blog.