Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weeks 11/12: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

We're only home for part of the day and I'm trying to get caught up on laundry, emails and other internet-related endeavors -- like getting this post up -- before heading back out this afternoon.

Saturday, March 14

I opened up the 2.2 lb. bag of dark cocoa powder our area director and his wife were gracious enough to bring when they came to visit last month.
We did find a source for dark cocoa powder here recently, but the flavor is lacking. It's not horrible, but it's not great either, so I'm really thankful for people willing to bring things like this when they come.

Sunday, March 15

Donato and his daughter came over this afternoon. Ivan and Donato left to look at some property and were gone for a couple hours, which gave me a chance to get to know Erica better. She just recently came to stay with her dad.
In the U.S. Erica would be considered legally blind. Even though she wears super thick glasses, to see anything she has to hold it about an inch or two from her face. The church gave her a new Bible with large print today, to make it easier for her to read the Word.

Tuesday, March 17

Magdalena went with us to Cordoba this morning. The goal was to get new cushion foam and fabric. Magdalena is re-doing her son's futon and I'm redoing the cushions on our love seat.
We both managed to get the foam we needed, but Magdalena didn't buy any fabric after seeing the prices. Made me glad I already have what I need for my project! I'm planning to use the upholstery weight denim I brought back from the U.S. several years ago (only paid $4/yard for it!). Everything we saw today was at least $15/meter and most of what I liked was closer to $30-$40/yard. Yikes! But I did take a few photos. What do you think of this scooter fabric?

Thursday, March 19

Arrived in Sta. Rosa last night. Ivan was up bright and early to work on the leaky roof over the back bedroom. That room is an addition and has a flat roof, so we have had problems with it over the years. Then we took a walk down to the river...
...and around the neighborhood to see the progress. There are currently four houses being built in La Riconada (the name of this little development) and we enjoy seeing what's been accomplished between visits.

Saturday, March 21

The purpose for this trip (besides fixing the roof) was a long-planned men's get-together over the weekend. [Ivan asked me to come along so I could take care of meals and dishes on Friday/Saturday.] Four of the guys arrived Friday evening, and the rest today. There were a total of twelve guys (one arrived after I took these photos).

This was originally scheduled for last weekend but it ended up getting changed to accommodate some of those attending. A prior commitment meant we had to leave after dinner on Saturday.

Sunday, March 22

The prior commitment was a church retreat starting today. This evening was the commissioning service for Rodolfo, who is now a deacon.

Monday, March 23

Each morning and evening we meet together for fellowship and teaching, but in true Argentine style, the afternoons are reserved for naps (siestas) and then a little snack (merienda). Sunday and Monday it was nice enough to have merienda outside.

Tuesday, March 24

After merienda on Monday and Tuesday the men and women met separately for about an hour before the evening session started. It was a pretty large group and everyone hadn't arrived when I was taking pictures, so this photo is just a portion of the 22 ladies at the retreat.


Mari said...

You sure stay busy!
I think that scooter fabric is pretty cute! Hope the roof is free of any more leaks.
I really like the picture of the commissioning service.

rita said...

What I liked best was seeing the wood stove in two pics. Many memories of staying warm and drying clothes...

The Bug said...

Whoa this IS pricey fabric! Cute though...

We're pretty busy around here too, and as a friend says, I do not approve. I like to have lots of time between commitments :)