Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 23: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

I don't have a photo for last Wednesday. I spent two hours at the dentist, which is not an occasion I necessarily want to commemorate. The appointment had been made for a check-up and cleaning, but the Sunday before I broke (yet another) tooth so my dentist had to deal with that instead.

Thursday, June 4

Today was much better than Wednesday. Ivan and I took off for the day and enjoyed a lovely drive up to La Cumbre and the surrounding area.
It was a perfect day for a picnic: sunny and up in the low 80s by mid afternoon. We finished the day with merienda (afternoon tea) by the lake back in Carlos Paz.

Saturday, June 6

After catching up on housework and laundry, I started sewing.
And Ivan spent the day sealing and painting the exterior of the garage.

Sunday, June 7

It was too dark to take pictures by the time he finished painting yesterday. He got both long sides done and started on the front before the sun well and truly set.
He still has to finish around the door as well as the overhang, and back of the garage. This is one really big garage and I'm impressed with how much he accomplished on Saturday!

Monday, June 8

Finished my sewing project: a box bag (pattern from Frocks and Frolics via Craftsy).
The denim is a dream to sew, the duck canvas I used for the lining is a whole other ballgame. I don't know if all duck canvas is this thick but it was a beast to work with. I modified the pattern, enlarging it, lengthening the handles and switching out the inside cell phone pocket for a zippered pocket. I really like the design, with six large pockets on the outside, and will try it again but using a different (more light-weight) fabric for the lining.

This is going to be a gift, but I can't say more than that yet. I'll share more in a couple of weeks after I've given it to the recipient.

Tuesday, June 9

Another beautiful day in Carlos Paz. I did have to wear my heavier coat on our walk this morning, but once the sun broke through the clouds, it heated right up into the high 60s. Gotta love the winters here! I noticed one of our plants is getting ready to bloom. It's some kind of succulent; any one know what it's called? Because we'd like to know!
I liked the "babies" growing along the edge of the leaves; they fall off and new plants pop up wherever they land.


Mari said...

I like the way your winters work too!
The book bag looks really nice - love all the pockets!
Ivan did good on the garage, nice to see all that progress.
That's a neat plant!

rita said...

Looks like a great sewing machine.

The Bug said...

Ooh I love the bag too! You're so talented...

Those plant "babies" are so cute!

Glad you guys had some time away.