Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weeks 24 and 25: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Wednesday, June 10

Our friend Magdalena returned on Sunday from a three week tour of Spain, Portugal and northern Africa. Today we invited her and her son Nestor over for an asado (barbecue). We had lots of vegetables since Magdalena has been a life-long vegetarian, but Ivan also grilled a chicken that we'd brined for several days.
Magdalena took lots of photos but they don't have a computer so she brought the camera over and Ivan set up our projector so we could use the wall as a screen and look through all the photos.

Friday, June 12

I'm slowly making progress on the baby quilt. Finished the rectangular section with a mix of green, gray and white fabrics. It was a little wider than the blue section but that was easy enough to remedy, I just cut 1/2" off one side and voila!

Monday, June 15

I had a brainstorm and decided to make a miniature bag to go with the denim bag I'd made last week. It's not exactly the same -- I used different fabrics and didn't include a zippered top -- but the style is the same.

Tuesday, June 16

It's been getting pretty cold at night, which means it gets cold inside the casita too. Several mornings it's been a chilly 56 degrees, and we haven't even hit real winter weather yet! We have one heater mounted on the wall between the two rooms, but it just isn't able to keep up. Meanwhile we've been storing the corner heater we used on Canning Street, so we decided to make room for that heater in the kitchen, where the gas line is already in place. That meant we had to remove the one and only bookshelf here at the casita. Made me a little sad, but I'd rather be warm at this point!
It's amazing what a small bookcase will hold; we ended up with three boxes and a number of bags by the time we'd finished clearing it off.

Saturday, June 20

Now I can reveal that the denim bag I made was meant to be a diaper bag, which I gave to my friend at her baby shower this past Saturday. And the miniature bag was for her 3-year-old daughter to keep her dolly bottles and things in. (Delfi received almost as many gifts as her mom did, including a little baby bed for her doll.)
This was my first baby shower in Argentina, because it's just not a common thing at all. This was a group effort, with everyone pitching in to help. Someone got balloons, everyone brought treats, someone ordered a cake, several people made decorations, I took a tablecloth... And we totally surprised Desi! We had food and games, and I think really blessed this young couple.

Friends from Sta. Rosa came to visit that day and Silvia went to the shower with me.
Silvia is one of my dearest friends, and someone I've known for longer than most here because I met her the first time we visited back in 1996. Her family and Ivan's family have known each other for over half a century, since her grandmother first came to Christ many, many years ago.


The Bug said...

Oh I love the surprise baby shower! What a sweet thing to do - and that mini bag for big sister was a really cool idea too!

Mari said...

What a fun shower! I know she'll really appreciate that bag.
The quilt is looking great!

rita said...

Would love to know more about Silvia's family story.
We're at Aldo ad Alice's right now. I better get up there and help with beakfast. Love.