Monday, July 6, 2015

Weeks 26 and 27: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Tuesday, June 23

This week Ivan cut in around the door, window, shelves, ceiling and floor in the kitchen (which is, basically, most of the painting in such a small space) and I rolled the remainder.

Sunday, June 28

We were invited to lunch at Rodolfo and Desiree's house today. Usually their daughter is very shy and won't engage, but being in her own home made such a difference! She opened right up and we had a fun time together. She didn't really like me taking her picture with the camera, but she hammed it up when I used the phone instead.

Tuesday, June 30

The automatic garage door finally operational!
It's a used door and Ivan had never been able to get it to work properly. Turns out the electrical panel that came with it was bad. Knowing the folks with our security company are very tech savvy, Ivan called them and the young guy who came out was able to set us up with a new panel. Sooooo nice to have a fully operational automatic door now. Makes putting the car in the garage every night much easier.

Thursday, July 2

We heat with wood at the house in Sta Rosa and the folks we buy wood from graciously delivered a load before we'd even paid for it (very unusual!). Since we had to make a quick trip out there, we stopped on the way home to pay them and I was so taken with this structure they're putting up. Not sure if it will be a home or an office for their business, but love how it looks so far.

Saturday, July 4

We normally avoid Cordoba on the weekends but, knowing that the coming week is going to be really busy and figuring that the stores would be mostly deserted because of the big Copa América game between Argentina and Chile, we decided to risk it.
Sure enough, there were very few people at Walmart, and those who were there were mainly glued to the T.V. This photo was near the electronics section with at least a dozen large screen televisions, all tuned to the game. Sadly Argentina lost to Chile :(

Sunday, July 5

It was cooler and quite windy during our walk along the costanera by the lake this afternoon. I had my hood on more often than not, although in this photo it happens to be off.
We normally walk near our house by the river, but it was fun to travel our old route by the lake. So much has changed in the last three years since we moved away from Canning Street. A number of new businesses, including this coffee shop with a fun mural on the wall next to it.

Monday, July 6

Cannot even begin to express my joy at seeing the kids and the grands together via Skype today!
Had trouble getting a good video connection at first, but eventually it worked and we could both see and hear them. Woot! Tina and family flew out to visit Jon and family for a few days. They're having a great time, despite Tina getting a head cold right before the trip.


The Bug said...

Great post! So glad you got your garage door working - we love having that luxury. Kids and grands are cute!

Mari said...

Yay for a working garage door opener and for Skype! I can almost picture the smile on your face!

rita said...

Ivan the "monk" ;)
Next time both hoods up ;)
When I hear of your walks and changes in the barrio, makes me sooo want to visit. Alas! ¿cuándo?
LUV seeing the cousins together!

Robin Lambright said...

One day I may get back to 365, embarrassing all the new things I can do with my phone like read your blog...

Now that I know...I'll be back!