Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weeks 28 and 29: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Sunday, July 12

We've begun having monthly potlucks at Iglesia de la Gracia Monte de Luz.

Tuesday, July 14

Ivan ran errands downtown while I was getting a root canal, but finished way before the dentist was done with me. While flipping through magazines in the waiting room, he came across a recipe for stuffed winter squash that looked good so he snapped a picture.
(We tried the recipe the other day and it's a keeper!)

Wednesday, July 15

Had to go see a hematologist at the hospital.
Looks like I have an iron absorption problem so we'll be returning tomorrow so I can get iron intravenously.

Thursday, July 16

I'm stealing a photo Tina posted on Facebook.
They had the gender reveal and she skyped us into the event. Even though the internet was super slow and video pretty pixelated, we didn't have to wait long to find out we're having another granddaughter!

Friday, July 17

Had to get a test done at an area clinic. I must be getting used to dogs being everywhere because the one wandering around the lobby barely elicited a raised eyebrow. But I did think it was a good photo opportunity :)

The dog must have liked how we looked because he settled down and took a nap at our feet.


rita said...

Shots and root canal. . . Ughhhh!
Mike's having a root canal next week.
Leah and Kayla would like a place where dogs abound.

The Bug said...

Awww - sweet puppy! My cousin had a vitamin B12 deficiency - is that similar to your problem? She was so haggard & run down, but once she started treatment she could tell a HUGE difference.