Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 34: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Friday, August 21

Our strawberry plant has a blossom!

Saturday, August 22

Ivan was pretty upset with himself when he accidentally broke our oil bottle.
This was a gift from a dear friend a number of years ago and has traveled with us as we've moved the last five times. It was a well-used item in our kitchen and we do miss it (the spout allowed just the right amount of oil to pour out, not too much, not too little) but I have hopes we'll be able to find another servicable oil bottle in the future. It won't be as interesting (this was shaped like a fish), but in the end, stuff is just stuff. Just because we no longer have this particular bottle doesn't mean we'll forget our friend. In fact, I have a feeling that when we do find a new oil bottle, it will always remind us of the old one, which will, in turn, remind us of our friend :)

Sunday, August 23

Our neighbor, Felipe, celebrated his 55th birthday in style with a big party! I put together a collage of photos Ivan took with his iPhone.
Sadly I could not figure out how to get one of the videos transferred over to my computer. Felipe is an accomplished guitarist and he and several other men had a fine old time playing and singing Argentine folklore music. I loved that his cake was in the shape of a guitar! Oh, and in the photo where he's working on the meat, he's wearing the apron I made for his birthday last year. I love it when people use what I make them!

Monday, August 24

Facebook reminded me of a photo I'd posted two years ago, when Kyle and Tina had the gender reveal for Simon. I thought it would be fun to do a collage of then and now. The current photo isn't from Betsy's gender reveal, but it is the most recent photo of Tina (taken August 23rd) so closer date-wise to the one from 2013.
She's one beautiful pregnant lady! And I'm only slightly biased as her mother ;)

Tuesday, August 25

Sorry to rub it in, but this is our temperature today.
And notice the weather forecast for the coming week. Not bad, eh? Considering this is the equivalent to your February :)

(Hopefully this doesn't portend a hotter-than-normal summer ahead of us!)


Mari said...

Tina looks so cute!
It's been in the low 60's here - crazy for August! It's supposed to warm up again this weekend though.

The Bug said...

Tina IS lovely - brag away! Can't wait to "meet" Betsy :)

rita said...

Great that you are so involved with your neighbors. Would have loved to hear that music--Argentine folklore!