Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 35: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Thursday, August 27

Over a month ago I said I'd try and take photos of the new picnic and exercise area on the other side of the river towards town. We had traffic right behind us so only paused long enough to do some "drive-by shooting" of the playground/exercise space. Maybe before another month passes, I'll manage to get some pictures of the picnic area.

Friday, August 28

After several friends sent me the link to an article about a new market in town that caters specifically to celiacs, we thought we'd check it out. Funny thing, though, the article didn't say where it was! While scrolling down Ivan saw someone had included the address in a comment. By the way, the Sin T.A.C.C. symbol on GF products makes it a lot easier to verify if it's something I can eat.  
We picked up several things that have been hard (or impossible) to find elsewhere -- including corn tortillas! Shelves line the perimeter of the interior and that's it. No shelves in the middle, although there's room. The fact is, gluten free products are still pretty scarce here. Ninety percent of what's available is prepared foods (cookies, chips, frozen foods, and so on). It's been really hard to find what I'd call raw ingredients. We did notice, however, that they had a couple of "flours" we hadn't seen anywhere else. I use quote marks because they were not true finely ground flours, but appeared to have a coarser texture, somewhat like cornmeal. The prices were high enough we didn't indulge. While I'd love to experiment with more whole grain bread recipes, I can't justify the equivalent of $3-5 for a cup's worth of specialty flour. I think with time, more products will become available and (hopefully) prices will drop some too. Vamos a ver.

While we were downtown, Ivan treated us to ice cream. There's a new-ish place that has ice cream I can eat. You can see they have quite a variety of flavors. Now look in the lower right hand corner. See the flavors listed in white? That's what's "apto para celíacos". This was our second time to go, and I got the same thing because I liked it so much the first time: chocolate and banana. Great combination!  Ivan, of course, can get whatever he wants. He chose one of the chocolates off the regular menu.
It cracks us up that the name of the place is Prego :)

Saturday, August 29

It was rather warm today.
If it's this warm the end of August, I don't even want to think about what it will be like come January.

Monday, August 31

After spending the whole day studying, Ivan was ready for a break. So he decided to start installing crown molding in the kitchen at 6 p.m. At one point he needed my help; I went in to find him on the fridge, working in the corner. I handed him the tools he needed and then ran for the camera :)


The Bug said...

Great blogger getting a pic of your husband on the fridge! I'm glad you're getting a few more gluten free options!

Whoa - that would be like us being 93 degrees in March, right? That's HOT!

Mari said...

It's nearly that hot here today! And very humid too.
I'm glad you are having some places offering GF options.
I love the photo of Ivan!

rita said...

Wishing I could walk the exercise park with you and have a picnic together. ¿Cuándo, Señor?