Friday, September 18, 2015

Weeks 36, 37 and 38: Project 365, the 2015 Edition

Thursday, September 3

We met friends at the airport with their car, that we'd kept stored at our place while they traveled. They were so kind and agreed to bring us back some goodies. I've ordered this same coffee and cocoa from amazon three times now. The cocoa powder especially is excellent! And another dear friend sent some Shaklee products, including their wonderful hydrating moisturizer (one of only two kinds I can use; everything else causes my skin to break out).

Saturday, September 6

Had to make a trip to Cordoba after failing to find what we needed at either of the Sherwin Williams stores in Carlos Paz. Had to go to two different SW stores in Cordoba as well, before we found what we were looking for. Import restrictions are making it harder and harder to find things :(

Anyway, at the second store I stayed in the car. I noticed a traveling carnival had set up at the end of the parking lot, so I took a few photos with my phone. This is the best of the bunch. I could have gotten out of the car and walked closer for a better shot, but just didn't have the energy that day.

We were on our way to fill up the car before heading home and got rerouted because of an accident near the gas station. Ended up on a street we'd never been before and saw this Salvation Army store -- had not even been aware that SA had thrift stores here, just like back home!


Saturday, September 12

I have only one photo from Week 37. Ivan painted the bedroom door early in the week, had men's Bible study, we went to Sta. Rosa to get the house ready for the Men's Advance, and visited various friends throughout the week but we didn't take photos of any of that. Our one and only photo is from a walk at the end of the week when we noticed that they've started planting trees along the costanera.


Monday, September 14

This afternoon we went shopping, to stock up on food for me while Ivan's gone the rest of the week. As we came out of the grocery store, I noticed the glorious flowering tree next to our parking area. With the warmer weather, everything is blooming much sooner than normal this year.

Tuesday, September 15

Even though Ivan's in Sta. Rosa for the Men's Advance (all the missionary guys from our mission are together this week, hashing out policy stuff), I'm continuing to take my daily walks. Although there's still a lot of brown (mainly due to so little rain), the trees are definitely greening up!

Wednesday, September 16

I shared a photo from last Saturday of a tree they'd planted on the costanera. They are continuing to plant trees right along, and I took this photo today. They have about a dozen planted so far, and what you can't see is that further down, holes are dug and just waiting for more trees.

Thursday, September 17

Two photos today! On my walk today I noticed they'd painted the top cement section of the gated area at this complex. Ugh! I'm not kidding when I say it hurts my eyeballs. I have nothing against purple (am actually wearing a purple shirt that same color right now), but the purple has no relation to the rest of the fixed materials! In my collage I've shared three colors I think would have worked much better with the tile and brick. What do you think?

I know orange and purple are opposite on the color wheel and are often used together, but to me this just looks all wrong. Different strokes for different folks, eh?

And tonight I remembered to take a screen shot of Simon while skyping with him and Tina. He is such a ham! I love these opportunities to see him splashing in the bath, climbing all over, playing a matching game... He's growing up so fast! *sniff, sniff* 

Very much looking forward to Ivan getting home in a few hours. I've kept busy, but I've missed him. I've gotten daily emails and texts and it sounds like the men have had a productive and enjoyable week. 


The Bug said...

Ooh I agree about that color! The rest of it is more earth tones & the purple does NOT match!

That Simon is such a cutie :)

rita said...

So glad you are walking regularly. The Bug is wearing off on us! ;)
I've really enjoyed my walks. Of course, the weather has been gorgeous. Don't know what will happen when winter sets in.
Looking forward to hearing more about the men's time in Sta. Rosa.